Cinematic Adventures for a Colorful Life

I love color. Not only does it brighten up my day (literally), but it also helps me see the world through an artist’s eye.  

This weekend I spent a few hours watching Foster’s House for Imaginary Friends on the Cartoon Network.  


I will admit I’m a little old to be watching cartoons, but they still make me happy and some are really cute and innovative.  

The artist in me is attracted to color and line and designs of the characters. Like I don’t like anime. Never have, never will. The lines are sharp and thin and the colors are too faded for me. Just not my cup of tea.  

There are plenty of people out there that love this stuff – I’m just not one of them.  

Anyway, Fosters and the program after, Camp Lazlo are just beautiful to watch. Bright colors, thick and thin black lines. It really helps me get into the story line.  

I think some movies are also like that for me. Which is sad since I’m judging a book by its cover. But I just don’t think I can devote two hours of my life to something I can’t get past the surface.   

Webpages now also fit into this criteria.  

I am also very particular about proportions. When my parents installed a round pan hook type thing on their kitchen ceiling I told them it looked very disproportionate.  

Also some cars manufactured today have wider back doors than front ones. Drives me crazy. If I pay $30,000 for a luxury car, I want my doors to look the same on both sides!  

Yes, there are more important things in life to worry about, but I just thought I’d share small everyday details that continually get looked over.  

Color is very important; not only can it set a mood, but it can affect your life outlook and personal atmosphere.  

The next time you channel surf, make a pit stop on the Cartoon Network. Look at the drawings and how they turned out. There is a lot more going on than what meets the initial glance.  

Take it from an artist.  


The New Barney 2.0

Who knew that a giant child-like dinosaur would turn 20 years old? And at that, could theoretically legally drink starting next year?

Oh yes my friends Barney turns 20 this year!

Times flies when you’ve never seen an episode and have no idea the show still runs daily on PBS! And nevermind, that there’s million of pre-schoolers who would immediately correct me my “horrible” oversight.

I just assumed he finally dove into a deep depression like the poor guy who created Coke II.

barney.jpg barney-smile.jpg

But obviously these current photos show my horrendous mistake.   

Let’s just indulge for a moment what took place when he was “born” in 1988:

·        Iran-Contra Affair

·        Michael Dukakis was the Democratic nominee for president

·        The Last Emperor won nine Oscars

·        Singer Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs

·        Summer Olympics were held in Seoul, South Korea

·        NASA resumed shuttle flights after the disastrous Challenger explosion

·        The Iraq-Iran War ends – look it up kids

·        L.A. Dodgers win over the Oakland A’s in the World Series

·        Daddy Bush wins over Dukakis for president

·        Pan-Am Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland killing 270 people

·        Benazir Bhutto was sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan

·        Sammy Davis, Jr. and Roy Orbison both died

·        Actor Michael Cera, singer Rhianna, Rumer Willis and Brooke Hogan were all born…

…as well as some big purple bumbling, dumb-sounding dinosaur children worldwide love to this day. Twenty years later!

Now if I could only get in on the cash cow that his show still generates!

Coming Full Circle as Fashion Ambassador?

I must admit I was taken aback when I first glanced at pictures of the French President and his new wife visiting London this week.  

I kept thinking, ‘I remember when Carla Bruni was a model!’ Not some later version of Gracy Kelly or as some newspapers in England are now (gasp!) claiming the new Princess Diana.  

She first appeared right at the end of the big early 90’s supermodel phase. After Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista (my favorite still to this day), Naomi Campbell (whom I shared a plane with one time), Cindy Crawford (the model at the time), Niki Taylor, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss – then a new addition to several designers’ shows.  

No, I remember Carla Bruni was part of the second coming of models – the Sharlom Harlows, Amber Valettas, Carolyn Murphys and Karen Mullers.

 carla-in-white.jpg carla-bruni-in-pink.jpg carla-daily-telegraph.jpg carla-reuters.jpg carla-reuters-queen.jpg 

Hey I know my fashion and my pop culture.  

She did some runway shows, and some magazines and mainly stayed with designers like Lacroix and Galliano, so she never really broke out ‘big time’ in America unlike her predecessors who eventually ventured out more into business.  

She was shy and quiet on the public side during interviews, yet her love life was red hot with highly notable men including Donald Trump and Mick Jagger.  

And then she decided to leave her cash cow for music dwindling into oblivion. I remember thinking then it was a big mistake. But hey, if Naomi Campbell can sing with Vanilla Ice, why not?  

And then last month she suddenly reappeared when she married Nicolas Sarkozy  

I guess in some ways it makes sense to have an ex-model be France’s top woman. Who better to have as a fashion ambassador?  

It also shows anything can happen – Al Gore ring a bell?


Photos courtesy of Reuters

You Know You’re Old…


You know you’re old when you get excited to hear that George Michael is going on tour….but then sad when you read he won’t be singing ‘I Want Your Sex.’

Photo by Andrew MacPherson

From the Associated Press:

GEORGE MICHAEL TOUR WON’T INCLUDE “I WANT YOUR SEX”UNDATED (AP) — George Michael feels he’s “too old” to be singing some of his hits, so he won’t be doing “I Want Your Sex” or “Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go”) when he tours the U-S for the first time in 17 years. Michael will be singing songs from his upcoming album “Twenty-Five” that drops April first. He tells USA Today that he’s looking at this tour as the end of the “first phase” of his career. He says he doesn’t want to sing in stadiums anymore. Michael says he would like to be “the Tony Bennett” for his generation. The tour kicks off June 17th in San Diego.

From Trainwreck to Emmy Winner?

Should Britney Spears be nominated for an Emmy for her guest role on last night’s ‘How I Met Your Mother?’



Photo courtesy of CBS

Chicken Soup for the Native Tongue

There are three things I can’t live without on a daily basis: obviously oxygen, Coca-Cola and if I can swing it, a good chicken soup.  

So because of this I want to start a new section on this blog: Food Critic!  

I know lots about food. I eat it quite frequently, so why not critique it? Right?  

I’m really fond of the soup at Quiznos. And then they got rid of it. Course. Why not get rid of a good thing right?  

But now it’s back, last I heard as a ‘seasonal soup.’ Have no idea what that means. Didn’t know chickens had a season like strawberries or trout or corn. It’s soup people!  

Denny’s also has pretty good soup. The broth is a tad thicker, but it’s still quite flavorful. 

My growing obsession started when I craved something more than clam chowder and tomato basil. And I’m not really into fish so my choices dwindled by the second.  

Chicken soup is (and should be) a staple in American restaurants. So I began to explore with what was offered.  

Sadly, the best restaurant soup I’ve tasted isn’t even in Nevada. It’s at Mel’s Diner along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Oh my God, it makes me hungry just thinking about it.  

We all know chicken soup is supposed to help with colds, but I’m not sure about overdosing on it. But, at least I get my veggies in!  J  

I can’t live without my soup. Life would be sad and dismal. And who wants that?  

Oh and if you know a great place to eat, please share it with me. I love expanding my brain!  

Divorced From the Past and Present

I grew up watching Charlie Chan movies with my parents. Weekend afternoons, late-nights, whenever a Chan movie was on, I was there watching with my parents.

Fast forward about about ten years later with the advent of the VHS and DVD players and videocassettes and DVDs. Once we found out Charlie Chan was to be released on DVDs, we were there.

And within the past month, I found out that a movie called Charlie Chan in Reno was produced; I never knew the divorcee murder caper even existed.

I was just curious to see what my hometown looked like in 1939. Apparently very black-and-white!  🙂

Besides that I zoned right in on the police department and the sheriff. In reality, Reno does not have a sheriff, Washoe County where Reno is located does, but not the city itself.

The sheriff was portrayed as an annoyed bumbling idiot while the chief of police apparently lived next to the phone. He was dutifully there anytime anyone called.

On the other side of the spectrum lies the current Reno 911! comedy show. It too focuses on the dealings of a fictional sheriff’s department. 

Video shot here (even just a few years old now) is also somewhat outdated. It’s comical to me.

Both venues did do their research though – the sheriff traveled to Tonopah to arrest the accused woman’s husband.

And on Reno 911! a few seasons ago, Lt. Dangle and his co-hort ordered a fake pizza to ‘Peckam and Neil.’ I giggled knowing it looked nothing what they shot. And I’m not sure, but I could have spotted a palm tree in the background. When did we get one of those here? (The show is really shot in Carson, California.)

And sadly, now I’m starting to feel like a relic here.

I remember when:

  • the Galaxy airliner crashed on South Virginia St. near Carpeteria killing nearly 70 people
  • the Mapes hotel was open. My father drove us through downtown on the way to my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving in ’78. I remember looking up and seeing the lights on on the top floor. Oddly though I don’t remember when it closed a few years later
  • Reno and Sparks were two separate towns
  • the D’Andrea housing/golfing development was one massive farm. The cows from there one day escaped and walked down our road leaving hoof marks on our front yard
  • the MGM/Ballys had two billboards advertising future shows, instead of the one giant electronic billboard the Grand Sierra has now. Bally’s also caused some controversy when it displayed the ass of a three-story high Brazilan dancer. And yet now some people bitch about Beyonce’s bare stomach (for 93.7 FM.)
  • Galena High School was new! It opened during my junior year of high school
  • Weinstocks was inside Park Lane Mall and Liberty House was inside Meadowood. By the way for those of you reading this from Reno, the Liberty House is now the men’s Macy’s.
  • Oh and what about the cigar shop next to it? I miss smelling it!
  • the site where Volkswagen currently sits was basically the end of town
  • the University of Nevada, Reno used a top hat wearing wolf logo
  • blue license plates were it – there were no special ones. And the first letter of each plate actually meant something, like the county where they were registered. I love mine.
  • Champion Chevrolet was called Hallman; Champion came along around ’90.
  • we used to get two newspapers a day. Don’t remember the morning one as much as the 5pm edition for some reason.
  • the billboard on I-80 near the Spaghetti Bowl advertised Ham n’ Eggs for 99 cents like FOREVER. And billboards were actually painted by someone, not ripped off into sticky pieces and reapplied as it today.
  • the shopping center at the corner of Pyramid and McCarran in Sparks was an empty field except for two radio towers. I remember watching them each blink from our house on Stephanie Way. Way back in the ’70’s. Oh and everyone and their grandmother would steal the sign – how many Stephanies were out there?

You don’t expect a flood of memories to come out when you watch a movie about divorce and murder, but it does.