Always Blamin’ the Dog!


Quitting My Day Job!

There are only three major things I will ever quit my day job for: 

1.      to be a full-time Ben & Jerry’s taste tester

2.      to work  at a panda ‘daycare’ center in China

3.      and….

to be the full-time girlfriend to this piece of man meat. I came across this wonderful picture yesterday while searching the interwebs…..



Such beautiful scenery and I’m not talking about just Venice!

I still can’t get over it was 20+ years ago when I used to watch my future boyfriend on Facts of Life. Yes, I really did. Every Saturday night. I thought he was cute even back then – and yes, he had a mullet. But it was the mid 80’s so who really cared right?

I’ve sent out the appropriate resumes so we’ll see what happens!  J

When one of my jobs comes through, I promise you’ll be the first to know!   

Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

One Day You’re In….

Its page length is comparable probably to War and Peace and Gone With the Wind. And those are only first editions!

What am I talking about? Well of course the annual fall edition of Vogue magazine – duh!

This year’s September issue tips the scales at 798 pages. The biggest yet. (which begs the question of why they didn’t add two more pages and hit the 800 page mark.)

Nonetheless I spend about two hours carefully thumbing through each glossy ad, article and paper perfume sample.

I love it!

I also noticed a trend for this year. Over the years, actresses have taken over the world and now the pendulum is swinging back in favor of model centered ads.

Most importantly this year’s issue highlights the return of the 90’s supermodels. It was almost like time stopped: Linda Evangelista, Shalom Harlow, Christy Turlington, Amber Valletta, Claudia Schieffer, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell…the only two noticeably absent were Cindy Crawford and the French President’s new wife. (Must have very important first lady duties whatever they are.)

I also see fashion as art. And the accompanying pictorials are just an extension of that realm.

I have thought many times of being a fashion photographer…creating something.

Someday my friends, someday.

A Night to Remember

Last night may have been the best night ever for me.

At least sports wise.

Within a span of three hours I watched a Dodgers-Phillies baseball game, Bills-Colts football game and the Olympic Games closing ceremony.

Life could not get any better than that. I watched the first two games at a sports bar in south Reno on giant side-by-side screens. Heaven.  

I ordered a glass of white wine to extend my viewing pleasure experience even more.

Afterwards, I watched the closing ceremony on a small TV at home, but hey, I still got to see it….

By the way what was the deal with Leona Lewis’ mic? Couldn’t that have been checked beforehand? Or even during the performance? Anywhere during….

And poor Jimmy Page, age has caught up with him. Still is a badass, but the gray hair – sad. On the other hand, getting older is now somewhat fashionable – just ask Madonna.

Every two years I, along with millions of other Americans make a point of watching the Games. I feel as if I am a part of something special, a worldwide camaraderie.

I don’t want to be somewhere the next day and hear, ‘do you see Michael Phelps last night?’ and not know what that person is talking about.

I’ve always viewed the athletes’ bodies as works of art. It’s the artist in me; I can’t help it. It’s art in motion.

And of course, the best example of this point I think would have to be Michael Phelps.

I emailed this picture to my mother when I stumbled across it. It’s beautiful – I mean really look at it. The veins in the arms, the muscles…. not in a sexual way, but view his body as art for a moment.

This is what I think an athlete should look like. What’s even more amazing to me is we all (basically) have that body too.

I was also mesmerized by the divers’ bodies.

But what I could identify with the most was the women’s gymnastics team. Yes, when I was younger I wanted to be next Mary Lou Retton. (Shows my age huh?)

I learned the vault, bars, floor and balance beam. I enjoyed the floor the most, I think because I was on flat ground the entire time!

Balance beam scared the crap out of me since it’s only like three inches wide. I liked the vault, but you need to be careful to make sure you hit your mark – all while you’re still running.

I didn’t get far in my training, I couldn’t reach the high bar, so my parents and I decided I should quit.

And since I already touched on the ’84 Olympics – what was the deal with all the commentators coming from that specific Games?

Rowdy Gaines (who I don’t remember), Dwight Stone, Tim Daggett… stop it!

And does anyone know what happened to Mary Decker? It’s the only thing I think of when I watch any women’s track events.

And my last point from the ’84 Olympics, (and this may be the most amazing thing of all), my parents still have a working RCA VCR from that year! We bought SPECIFICALLY so my dad could record the Olympics. It cost us $600. But it still works.   

Guess some things do get ‘better’ with age.

Images: Getty

Can It Get Really Any Hotter Than This?

You know I’m buying this issue when it comes out! Go Michael!

One Medal at a Time

A combination photo shows Michael Phelps holding each of his eight gold medals in the swimming competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Phelps won his eighth gold medal on Sunday, beating Mark Spitz’s record of seven gold medals won at a single Games in 1972. The medals were won in: (Top row L-R) 400m individual medley (August 10), 4x100m freestyle relay (August 11), 200m freestyle (August 12), 200m butterfly (August 13). (Bottom row L-R) 4x200m freestyle relay (August 13), 200m individual medley (August 15), 100m butterfly (August 16), and 4x100m medley relay (August 17).