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Randon Thought for March 30th

Taco Bell ‘Nacho Drag’ commercial –

Didn’t he realize that outfit actually costs more than the nachos he’s excitedly stealing in?

Just sayin’…..

Culinary Goodness – Vending Machine Style!

Pizza vending machine 

ROME (Reuters Life!) – A vending machine that bakes fresh pizza in minutes for a few euros has got Italian chefs in a whirl before it hits the streets in the coming weeks.

The bright-red “Let’s Pizza” machine uses infra-red rays and technology developed at the University of Bologna to knead flour and water into dough, spread it with tomato sauce and a choice of topping, and cook it — all in less than three minutes.

Its developer, Claudio Torghele, says the machine has proved popular in trials in two Italian regions, but gourmets say it is an affront to traditional methods of cooking the classic dish.

“This is not just a vending machine, it’s a mini-pizzeria,” said Torghele, 56. “It has windows where you can watch the pizza-making process. Kids, including my own, love it: when the machine is working, there’s always a crowd.”

The device was developed with help from Anglo-Dutch group Unilever, which tested it in Germany, Torghele said. He hopes to launch the machines across Europe and in the United States, with ingredients varying according to local tastes.

At present it offers four toppings — cheese and tomato, bacon, ham and fresh vegetables — at an average cost of 4 euros. Torghele thinks “Let’s Pizza” will appeal to Europeans looking for cheap options as a recession hits their pockets. “If I want to eat a great pizza, I go to a pizzeria. But our product is satisfactory, low cost and available 24-hours a day,” he said. “This is crisis proof … McDonald’s is increasing its sales. Low cost, fast food is in demand.”

Italy is famed for its cuisine and has seen a movement develop against fast food, called “Slow Food.” But it has more vending machines than any other country in Europe, according to an industry body, mostly doling out hot coffee drinks.

Purists say the Italian pizza — invented in the 18th century in the southern city of Naples — cannot be rushed: the dough must be mixed and left for 12 hours, the ingredients kept fresh, and the oven pre-heated to around 300 degrees.

“This machine is a toy,” Pino Morelli of the Association of Italian Pizzerias said. “Perhaps it will find a niche overseas, but Italians are born with pizza: their mothers feed it to them as babies. They understand it.”

In Pizzeria Brandi, nestling near the center of ramshackle Naples, the reaction to Torghele’s invention was cool.

The restaurant invented the pizza Margherita in 1889 in honor of the queen of the newly unified country, its tomato, mozzarella and basil toppings mimicking Italy’s flag.

“Unfortunately, today people invent many things, but you can’t make any comparison, especially in terms of quality,” said chef Marcello, taking a break from sliding pizzas on a wooden pole into the dome-shaped oven. “The only benefit is the price.”

“We should scrap this ‘pizza machine’ and bring back the old jukeboxes: at least they were charming,” said Paolo Pagnani, who owns the historic restaur

Good Luck or Black Magic?

He’s seriously no bigger than ten pounds. And yet somehow, my noisy black cat is beating like 90% of the other bettors in my NCAA Tournament pool.

How is that possible!? The little twitball just discovered his tail and yet somehow he’s smart enough to predict a national college basketball winner?

Fleatbait (I didn’t name him) only cried for UCONN when my boyfriend and I bombarded him with college names. Poor thing just slid his eyes side-to-side quickly like a tennis match spectator.

Does he know something we don’t?

Flea is beating both me and his father. And President Obama’s bracket!


If he does well I should use him for lotteries!

It’s a Small World After All


It’s smaller than an acorn and has an even cuter name.

It’s Tata!

The world’s newest (and cheapest) car went on sale this week in India.

As someone who adores cars, I must say it reminds me of Mercedes’ Smart Car. Although Tata has miraculously somehow crammed four doors onto its small frame.

Besides the obvious ‘aww’ cutesy appeal, it doesn’t scream ‘I’m safe!’ ($2,000 can only buy you so much.)

Maybe it will set off a new worldwide small car craze. Who knows. I’m just sayin’ we might be looking at a trend of real matchbox toy cars coming to life.

But no matter what, it’s still fun to say!

Tata for now my lovelies!

Graphic shows the $2,500 car unveiled by India’s Tata Motors ...

No Doubt Explain Their Songs

No Doubt are doing their own little version of “Storytellers” on their Web site. They’ve created seven videos that explain what seven of their songs are about.

Singer Gwen Stefani says “Spiderwebs” is about a guy who would call her in the middle of the night and sing poetry to her, and how much she regretted giving him her number.

Bassist Tony Kanal says the “hey baby” part of “Hey Baby” came when Bono walked into their studio and started freestyling.

Stefani says she cried after writing “Simple Kind of Life” because it was the first time she wrote an entire song on guitar by herself.

They had also considered remaking “Don’t Change” by INXS (in-ex-ES) for their greatest-hits album instead of “It’s My Life” by Talk Talk. They went with “It’s My Life” because they completely butchered “Don’t Change.”

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