A Cruel Easter


Ignoring the fact that Easter really is a religious holiday, (being selfish here), can cruel can this day get!?

Holidays are a living hell for migraine sufferers!

Examine exhibit A –

I’m signed up Hershey’s emails (I can still drool can’t I?) and this is what I get! Look at it! Now, really I’ll wait —- look at it!

I can just taste all the chocolaty goodness now….mmmmmmmmm.

I will admit it – I have not completely eliminated chocolate from my diet. (I apparently enjoying torturing myself.)

So I have devised a migraine pill system for myself on the basis of my food cravings.

Many of you heard me say, ‘It’s worth a pill.’

(On a side note, my prescription last-resort migraine pills cost $35 for 9. Not cheap, but I also don’t take them all the time.)

So the magic question remains – how much do I want it!?

Look at it!

I’m gonna say a lot –


Black Goes With Everything

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Details of David Letterman’s Surprise Wedding Revealed

David Letterman and Regina Lasko Photo by: Bill Davila / Startraks; Bauer-Griffin
Details of David Letterman's Surprise Wedding Revealed
The bride wore a navy blue suit and a peach-colored rose corsage. The groom was dressed neatly, despite the fact that his truck had gotten stuck in the mud on the way to the ceremony. When David Letterman and his longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko, got married in Choteau County, Mont., last Thursday, the simple ceremony came as a shock to onlookers.

“Seeing David was a surprise,” says Lisa Sinton, Clerk of District Court in Choteau County, who had met the famed talk show host several times before the nuptials. “They used a friend to call in to get the information about what they needed to do [to get married at the courthouse], so I really had no idea it was going to be David.”

Letterman, 61, and Lasko, 48, quietly arrived – with their 5-year-old son Harry in tow – at the three-story Teton County Courthouse, which stands in the middle of Main Ave. in Choteau. There in the 103-year-old building, built of sandstone quarried from nearby Rattlesnake Butte and surrounded by fir trees, the couple filled out the license application.

Low Key Nuptials

After Sinton issued the license, the pair – who live in a ranch on the outskirts of town – went upstairs to Justice of the Peace Pete Howard, who officiated the wedding. Letterman and Lasko selected their friends, Genevieve and Lee Barhaugh, to stand with them through the ceremony.

On Monday’s Late Show, Letterman joked about his reluctance to marry. “I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years,” he said. But last week, the couple finally decided to walk the aisle.

“People say, ‘Geez, Dave, you were together so long. Does it feel any different?'” Letterman said on the show. “And I say, ‘Yeah. It does.’