The Blind Side of Life

I’ll admit – I rolled my eyes each time I saw a promo for ‘More to Love.’ I mean, what else could FOX come up with? Right!?

I even kept channel surfing during the first few minutes, but somehow I always kept going back.

Was it because of the possible train wreck aspect? Of course – who would look away?

But then something strange happened.

I put down the remote to watch a kind and generous 26-year-old man smile at future prospects. And 20 women excited at an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In other words, I saw America.

I watched women ignoring tight clothing rules, women who cried and offered too much upfront personal information, and women who acted selfless. (Ironically the show before, Hell’s Kitchen was a lesson in how too much ego can crush a proper public demeanor.)

The man at the head of the party, Luke was gracious and kind to each woman. Not one ounce of narcissism could be detected during those first mansion introductions. He did not indulge in details; he turned the attention on them.  

The women, on the other hand, acted like traditional dating no-no’s. I actually lost count how many times I heard ‘I’ve never had a boyfriend before.’

Many women cried during their confessional scenes and acted as if they were intentional victims of societal loneliness. While that may be true on some level, they need to ignore those limitations and rise above expectations.

It was then I realized I was watching – me. All my faults, big and small, mirrored back to me on 1080dpi.

I wanted to shake them out of their slump and tell them to focus on what they want. Sometimes it’s more important to focus on achievements – do you want to have regrets on your deathbed? At some point time starts to slip away and you need to grasp what you can.  

That first episode also reeked fake kindness through my screen, but so far I must say I’m impressed to see a gentler side of America.


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