That’s One Way to Use a Plastic Bin!

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Burning Man Here I Come!

Starting this week there will be no new posts by me for about week since I will be at Burning Man where there is no cell service.

Yes, they have internet access up there, but it’s in short supply and not really worth it walking all the way there just to check your email.

Short Stories by Kellene

So the Reno News and Review recently held a contest a 95-word contest. I thought it’d be fun to enter. I created seven mini stories and yet none of them were chosen for publication.

So I thought I’d share of them now with you — enjoy.

Recipe for Disaster

89 words


1 full bottle of cheap tequila

4 shot glasses

1 suave ignorant man

1 current jealous girlfriend

2 bitter ex-girlfriends

3 suspicious looking text messages alluding to other affairs

1. Place bottle of tequila, four shot glasses and text message printouts on table inside room with no windows.

2. Direct all four people to go inside same room.

3. Tell them they cannot leave until some kind of fair resolution is made.

4. Shut door.

5. Check back 24 hours later for damage incurred and to see who survived.



Coffee Date

95 words


“Looks like you’re working on a book?”

“Oh. No, it’s a term paper for my social psychology class.”

“Was always interested in that. Could you diagnose me?”

“Well, you’re well-dressed, seem intelligent, nice smile.I’d say perfect.”

“Thank you. May I sit here?”

“I’d enjoy that.”

“What made you decide to come here?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Great coffee, outdoor patio. Oh, and nice views too.”

“So what’s your name?”

“Antonio, but my friends call me Antonio. Yours?”

“My friends call me Carol. Got a latte I see.and a ring?”

“You noticed.”

“I thought you were-“


I Nearly Cried – This is So Cute!

Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Sells for $4.6 Million at Online Auction

The price for spending eternity above Marilyn Monroe is more than $4.6 million.

That’s how much the crypt directly above the actress went for in an eBay online auction that ended yesterday. The Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery crypt above Monroe is being vacated because the widow of the man there now needs money to pay off her mortgage.

The listing says the current occupant is “looking face down on” Monroe, who was laid to rest at the cemetery in 1962.

The seller is Elsie Poncher, who was putting her late husband’s crypt up for auction to help pay off the $1.6 million mortgage on her Beverly Hills home. Richard Poncher bought the crypt from Monroe’s former husband Joe DiMaggio. He husband died 23 years ago at 81.

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the snuggie for dogs. Huh?

The Snuggie for Dogs fleece blanket coat in blue.  (PRNewsFoto/Allstar ... AP

Tim Gunn Adjusts Wardrobe to Fit L.A. Lifestyle

For the sixth season of “Project Runway,” Tim Gunn had to adjust to the show’s move to Los Angeles.

He had to rethink his wardrobe to fit the L.A. lifestyle, and that meant ditching the suit and tie sometimes. He says during one challenge, viewers will see him in a pair of flip-flops.

Lindsay Lohan was a guest judge in the season opener last night, and Gunn says “she was absolutely wonderful.” He says she “knows clothes, knows what she likes, what she doesn’t and she’s able to articulate that.”

“Project Runway” now airs Thursdays on Lifetime.

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