The Lucy Who Inspired the Beatles Dies at 46

The real Lucy from “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” has died. Lucy Vodden died in a London hospital after a long battle with lupus. She was 46.

Vodden was friends with John Lennon’s son Julian, who came home from school when he was 4 with a picture he drew. He told his dad it was Lucy in the sky with diamonds. That’s what inspired the song.

Vodden and Julian Lennon lost touch, but they reconnected recently when Julian found out

Vodden was sick.

Vodden told The Associated Press in June when she was a teenager she told her friends she was the Lucy from the song, and they didn’t believe her because their parents told them it was about LSD.

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Alice in Chains Release First Album Since Layne Staley’s Death

Singer Jerry Cantrell hopes you notice the new sound of Alice In Chains, and he also hopes you don’t.

Cantrell says people who have followed the band know about what they’ve been through and know what it took for them to continue to make music.

Singer Layne Staley died of a drug overdose in 2002.

The new Alice In Chains album, “Black Gives Way To Blue,” is their first since his death. William DuVall handles vocal duties, and Cantrell says they didn’t “go on a game show and audition singers where if you won, you got to be the singer in the band.”

Cantrell says DuVall was a friend of the band, so he was close already.

 “Black Gives Way To Blue” is out today.

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Conan O’Brien Returns to ‘Tonight Show’

“Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien was back to work last night and joking about banging his head during a stunt for Friday’s show.

He told the audience got a slight concussion after slipping on the slick stage during a race with guest Teri Hatcher. He says he hit his head so hard that for five seconds he understood the plot of “Lost.”

But producers realized something wasn’t right when O’Brien seemed dazed and confused going into the next segment.

He was taken by ambulance to a hospital to be checked out.

Announcer Andy Richter got a big laugh when he told O’Brien he had some bad news. Richter joked the paramedics put sunglasses on O’Brien’s penis and took a lot of pictures.

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Gordon Ramsey to Star in Stop-Action Animation Series

Well, we’re sure it’s somebody’s kitchen nightmare: Gordon Ramsey portraying Gordon Ramsey in an animated series.

It’s going to happen, Variety reports, courtesy Cuppa Coffee Studios (of course) in Toronto.

According to the article, ” ‘Gordon Ramsay, at Your Service’ is described as a half-hour laffer that will take ‘the essence of who he is and have a bit of fun with it,’ according to Adam Shaheen, prexy of Cuppa Coffee.”

The show will be shopped at Mipcom next month, Variety says. (TV Week)

Organizers Cancel 2010 CineVegas Film Festival

Organizers are canceling the CineVegas Film Festival in Las Vegas next year because of the economy.

Festival President Robin Greenspun said in a Friday statement that organizers decided to cancel the festival for 2010 because of “the current economic climate and the pressures it created.”

Greenspun says organizers didn’t want to let the economy affect the festival’s quality, so they put the event on hold. Artistic Director Trevor Goth says he hopes to relaunch CineVegas after the economy recovers.

This year’s CineVegas was held in June at the Brenden Theatres inside the Palms Casino Resort.

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Comedy Sites are the Big Gainers on the Web

Americans need a laugh right now.

Humor sites on the Web scored the biggest gains of all categories of subject matter tracked by comScore Media Metrix in August. The category was up 21% in visitors compared to the same time period last year, according to the ratings group. Overall, the laughter sites attracted nearly 33.7 million visitors during the month.

The leading the humor site in the survey was, which features video clips — often of  accidental, painful falls — for laughs. Second most popular was Comedy Central. And third was, which is a collection of mostly PG comedy clips that avoids face plants.

The education category scored the most visitors — nearly 97.5 million. That was a 10% hike over last year, and the leading site was Pearson Education, which produces print and digital materials in a variety of fields. 

The top sites tracked in the survey were from Google. Together, they attracted more than 161 million visitors. They were followed by the Yahoo sites at 158 million and Microsoft sites at 130 million.

Of social networks, Facebook took top honors with 92.2 million visitors. EBay was the winner in e-commerce with 71.8 million visitors, followed by with 68.1 million.

LA Times

Ozzy Osbourne Writes His Memoirs

Ozzy Osbourne admits to biting the head off a bat and off a dove, but he never refused to go on stage until he killed 15 puppies.

Osbourne writes on his Web site he’s giving the straight story in his new autobiography, “I Am Ozzy.” He says he took a potentially lethal combination of drugs for 30 years, survived a direct hit by a plane, overdosed, and dealt with STDs, yet he almost died riding over a bump on a quad bike at two miles per hour.

Osbourne says his life story “ain’t gonna be pretty,” and he’s always been drawn to the dark side, but he isn’t the devil.

The U.S. release date for “I Am Ozzy” has not yet been announced, but it will come out in the U.K. on October 1.

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