My New Year’s Gift

When I came to work today I got the best surprise ever!

I went to and saw that my Canyons skiing article is not only on the site’s homepage, but also the main story! (Until a new one is posted.) 

Here’s a screenshot of the page:

I’m so excited! 2010 is starting to look better by the moment.

What 2009 Taught Me

Seems everyone is making lists and not just for Christmas. Over the next few weeks get ready for the usual year-enders, but also decade-enders. 

Yes, THIS decade is almost gone. Hard to believe, but we started this decade in fear our computer systems would breakdown, now we’re afraid our health care system and economy will break down.

In 2000, I had just received my bachelor’s degree in theatre (I also have a journalism degree) from the University of Nevada. I started working as a producer – literally – four days later. I am still at the same station and am now managing the station’s website.

Obviously I’m looking to the next decade through rose-colored glasses. I know that’s not realistic, but I also don’t want to depress myself on sad events. I’ll deal with them when (and if) they come. 

Over the past 12 months, I’ve learned to not to cheat on my significant other (Tiger Woods, Sen. John Ensign, David Letterman and Gov. Mark Sanford come to mind), not audition for a reality show (Balloon boy hoax, Octomom and the White House gate crashers), and probably most importantly not die (Brittany Murphy, Walter Cronkite, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Patrick Swayze, Bea Arthur, Ed McMahon, David Carradine and so many others.)

I’ve learned not to move to ‘Jersey Shore’ or delight in other’s misfortunes (Jon and Kate, Octomom…I could really list ten pages on this one…). 

I’ve learned there is a definite distinction between Team Jacob and Team Edward and to pity the poor person who doesn’t get them straight. But I’ve also laughed with a Modern Family (not mine) and take up cooking lessons (Julie & Julia.) First, I just have to learn how to boil water, but then, I’m there! (I’m more of a cocktail person anyway. And yes, several people can attest to my love for Alabama Slammers.) 

But probably most importantly, I’ve learned to stand for my own morals (Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert) and push through. 

Only I can take care of myself. Isn’t there an app for that?

10 Things I Learned From Watching the Kennedy Center Honors

 The seven recipients honored possess a lifelong passion towards their individual crafts. Safe to say I don’t think Mel Brooks or Robert De Niro are retiring anytime soon from entertainment.

Their individual talents took decades to mold; they are not an overnight sensation.

They each started at the bottom. A failure would be considered total abandonment from their individual crafts. Yes, each experienced it, but they learned from their mistakes and grew from those experiences.

They all knew what they wanted to be when they were young. If they didn’t, their individual paths led them to where they are right now. It’s like they were predestined for recognizable achievement.  

Each strived and still strives for high standards. Imagine if Robert De Niro had an off day during a movie? That would not be appealing to watch. The audience, in return, also expects excellence from them.

Each embrace art and what art stands for. It is nice to see the Kennedy Center honor different aspects of art during its annual ceremony: opera, rock, movies, jazz, film, Broadway, stand up comedy, the list goes on and on.

The world beared witness to the recipient’s transformation through film, stage or music. We can track their beginnings to now through various forms of media. Brooks, as an example, can be seen getting mature through movies he appeared in.

 Each ‘made it’ before the age of social media; they worked their way the old fashioned way – and not through viral videos or twitter chat.

They all still remain true to themselves and their beliefs. I don’t think Bruce Springsteen is going to change his song choices now. But, we as an audience also don’t want him to change.

I think each one also redefined their genres as years passed. Everyone knows ‘Born in the USA’ and ‘Blazing Saddles’ and ‘The Godfather.’ Imagine life without it for one second. Dull, huh?

And lastly, you can wear outfits like this on TV!

And Now I Present – The 30 Most Important Cats of 2009!

I will admit – I didn’t find this, my boyfriend did and showed it to me.

From Buzzfeed –

funny pictures of cats with captions
funny pictures of cats with captions
funny pictures of cats with captions

Obama Tea?

I know this year America went crazy for Obama-related inauguration items. Of course, we all wanted to own a piece of history.

But I was really taken aback by this while searching for tea flavors one day. Wow. Had no idea.  

Won’t lie, sounds pretty good to me.

Oscar Ballots are in the Mail

Most of the holiday cards have been received. So, there’s room again in mailboxes.

Now, it’s time for Oscar ballots to arrive. But, those are going to a small, select group.

The ballots were mailed yesterday from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to its members: 5,777.

This is the first round of voting. And, each of the academy’s 15 branches is responsible for nominating those in their field. So actors nominate actors. Sound engineers nominate sound engineers and so on.

Nominations are based on the year’s eligible films. There are 274 in 2009.

And, the entire voting membership submits their picks for best picture.

Completed ballots must arrive at office of the academy’s accountants on January 23, 2010. Nominations will be announced February 2 and the Academy Awards will be presented March 7.

(Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Yale Unveils 2009’s Quotes Of The Year

1. “Keep your government hands off my Medicare.” Speaker at health care reform town hall meeting in Simpsonville, S.C., commenting on the government-created Medicare program, quoted by The Washington Post on July 28.

2. “We’re going to be in the Hudson.” Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, responding to air traffic controllers asking on which runway he preferred to land US Airways Flight 1549 on Jan. 15 before he landed in the Hudson River.

3. “There’s an app for that.” Apple’s advertising slogan for the iPhone.

4. “You lie!” Wilson’s shouted retort to Obama’s address before a joint session of Congress on Sept. 9.

5. “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.” Obama, commenting on a white police officer’s arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home in Cambridge, Mass., at a news conference July 22.

6. “I’m going to let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!” Kanye West, interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 13.

7. “Um, you guys said that we, um, did this for the show.” Falcon Heene, during an interview on CNN about his parents’ balloon hoax on Oct. 15.

8. “The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel.”‘ Palin, posting on her Facebook page on Aug. 7.

9. “The governor is hiking the Appalachian Trail.” Spokesman for South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford regarding Sanford’s disappearance on June 22.

10. “You give me a water board, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I’ll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders.” Jesse Ventura, during a CNN interview May 11.

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