EW Names Top 100 Greatest Characters of the Past 20 Years

Homer Simpson is Entertainment Weekly’s pick for the greatest character of the past 20 years.

The magazine looked at characters from TV, movies, the Internet and other places to come up with the list.

Simpson’s creator Matt Groening said millions of people were able to identify with Homer, best known for his catchphrase “D’oh”.

“People can relate to Homer because we’re all secretly propelled by desires we can’t admit to,” he said. “Homer is launching himself head-first into every single impulsive thought that occurs to him. His love of whatever has caught his eye is a joy to witness.”

Harry Potter ranks second, followed by Buffy, Tony Soprano and Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Others on the list include Jack Sparrow at number 13 and Gollum at number 36.

The only character from “Glee” is Sue Sylvester. She’s in 18th place.

The only character from “Lost”? John Locke, in 63rd place.

Pearl the Landlord from Will Ferrell’s viral video ranks 50th.

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Bandleader Kevin Eubanks Ends 18 Years With Jay Leno

Tonight Show Band leader Kevin Eubanks arrives ... Reuters

It’s a wrap for “Tonight Show” bandleader Kevin Eubanks after 18 years of backing up host Jay Leno.

Bidding Eubanks farewell on Friday’s show, Leno said, “I don’t think we’ve ever had an argument.”

The other five members of the Tonight Show Band will also be leaving with Eubanks.

Eubanks performed as Leno’s comic sidekick and guitarist. The 52-year-old had been aboard since Leno took over NBC’s “Tonight” in 1992. Eubanks became musical director when Branford Marsalis left in 1995.

In April, Eubanks announced his plans to depart, explaining he wanted a career change of pace.

He will be replaced by former “American Idol” music director Rickey Minor, who arrives with his own troupe June 7.

“The Tonight Show” will air reruns next week.

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American Idol Recap

In this publicity image released by Fox, Brett ... AP

Bret Michaels is back to performing on stage — and he did it on “American Idol.”

He sang “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” with contestant Casey James. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Michaels has been plagued with health problems in the past month, including appendicitis, a brain hemorrhage, a mini-stroke and the discovery of a hole in his heart.

Other performers on the show included Alice Cooper, The Bee Gees, Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates, Chicago, Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morissette, Joe Cocker and Janet Jackson. There was even an appearance from “Pants on the Ground” singer “General” Larry Platt, who teamed up with William Hung.

Lee DeWyze won “American Idol.”

American Idol winner Lee DeWyze and host Ryan ... Reuters

DeWyze closed the show last night with his version of U2’s “Beautiful Day,” which will be his first single.

Moments before DeWyze was so choked up, he could barely get a word out. He says winning Idol is “amazing.” He also told runner-up Crystal Bowersox that he loves her.

Host Ryan Seacrest says there was just a two percent margin between the two finalists going into this week’s finale. But he didn’t say how many votes were cast.

Last season, 100 million votes decided the winner.

This season, the ratings for Idol have been down.

In this publicity image released by Fox, former ... AP

Paula Abdul’s appearance topped off the show’s farewell to Simon Cowell his farewell. After several taped pieces showing Simon being Simon, Paula walked on stage in a short, hot pink dress. She told him, “I’ve loved all the fun we’ve had together.”

And, speaking from her own experience, because she left after last season, she added “American Idol’s’ not gonna be the same without you. But as only I can you, it will go on.” That seemed to break through Cowell’s veneer. He said “I didn’t think I was going to be this emotional and I genuinely am.” He then told the audience, “everybody asks who’s going to replace me, who going to be the next judge. The truth is you guys are the judge of this show and you’ve done an incredible job over the years.”

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Helping Out the Homeless Animal Community

This past Saturday I helped out homeless animals by attending the Nevada Humane Society’s Walk for Animals at the Sparks Marina.

More than 1,000 animal lovers (including me) helped raise $72,820!

I’ll admit it – I oogled and awed over all the dogs I saw. It was like doggie heaven for me.

I didn’t see any kitties there, which actually was a good thing since fights would probably break out and fur would fly!

I donated $125 for the cause. Besides the $40 I had several of my co-workers also stepped up to help a cause so close to my heart.


About two weeks ago my boyfriend befriended a small Calico-like kitty outside our apartment. His heart melted when he saw her and took it upon himself to save her.

It was only when we took her to the vet that we even found out she was a girl! One of her fangs is broken and she has several scabs all over her fragile bony body. Huge tufts of fur are also missing.

Within a few days she turned into a little diva. Knocking over her food bowl was the last straw for me. I decided to name her Donatella.

Despite her diva ways, we refuse to get rid of her. She’s too flippin’ cute. Her quiet meows melt your heart.

She’s still getting used to her new surroundings and us. I just hope she understands what we did for her.

Tina Fey to Get Top Mark Twain Humor Prize in DC

Tina Fey  AP

The woman known for her impression of Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live” will win the nation’s top humor prize from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Tina Fey joins the ranks of Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin and others who’ve won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Fey will be the youngest honoree, having just turned 40.

In a statement Tuesday, Fey says she’s thrilled but assumes Betty White must have been “disqualified for steroid use.”

Fey got her start with Chicago’s The Second City improv group and became the first woman to be head writer on “SNL.”

She created NBC’s comedy “30 Rock” and has starred in hit movies. Her film “Date Night,” with Steve Carell, is playing in theaters.

The prize will be awarded in November.

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Britney Spears Steals Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter Crown


Britney Spears Steals Ashton Kutcher's Twitter Crown 

Ashton Kutcher‘s reign as Twitter king is over.

Britney Spears now has more Twitter followers than the actor, who once famously beat CNN to 1 million followers. As of Monday afternoon, the pop star had 4,955,768 followers, while Kutcher had 4,944,221 followers.

“WOW!!!!! #1 on Twitter,” she wrote. “Thank you! Tweet me some questions this morning! xoxo –Brit.”

So, what does the actor think about losing his Twitter title?

“I don’t care,” he Tweeted after being informed about the news at a junket for his upcoming movie, Killers. Spears, meanwhile, was much peppier about things, taking to her Twitter account to personally thank fans. “This is really amazing! I love you all! I better get busy writing 4,947,608 thank you notes! U guys make me sooo happy! -Brit,” she wrote. (Often her manager or other members of her staff Tweet for her.)

In recent weeks, it appeared that Spears would outrank Kutcher on Twitter. When polled, 64% of PEOPLE.com readers said they were happy the pop star was gaining on Kutcher.


Will Bret Michaels Make The Celebrity Apprentice Finale?


Will Bret Michaels Make The Celebrity Apprentice Finale? | Bret Michaels 

It seems as though Bret Michaels will make it to the Big Apple to face off against Holly Robinson Peete on The Celebrity Apprentice – despite a detour.

Having boarded a New York City-bound flight Sunday in Arizona, the rocker’s private jet first touched down in Nashville.

Michaels was “complaining of a headache, lower back pain and some cramping in his legs,” sources at the airport tell PEOPLE.

After a brief stop, Michaels, 47, re-boarded the aircraft and is currently en route to New York.

Earlier in the week, the singer’s spokesperson had said their team was “cautiously optimistic” about Michaels’ attendance at the finale, just days after suffering a “warning stroke” and a month after experiencing a subarachnoid hemorrhage.