Living Vicariously Through Electronic Casino Signs

In just a few hours, former Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien plays the Grand Sierra Resort.

While I would be excited to see him perform, I can’t, because I apparently waited too long to get tickets.

So instead I tried to gap my anger and jealously with a picture of the giant sign outside the Reno casino-hotel.

Well, guess what? None of my pictures really show up since the board has scan lines, so I can only see random strips.

Last night I took three cell phone pics after my dinner at the Lodge Buffett. Those turned out ok, but yet my outside night photos blur with brightness.

That’ll teach me. You can’t enjoy great entertainment moments through hollow (and unrecognizable) pictures.

I waffled on seeing him since I already watched a Late Night taping in 1997 during my college spring break. (The day before I watched Letterman for his show. Yeah, I totally lucked out on ticket giveaways.)

Robin Leach was the main guest that April night.

Most of the funny business came before the show when he and Andy Richter played ‘Who Goes to the Worst College’ with the audience. Three people later a guy was crowned because he said he went to Harvard, then admitted he wanted to go there.

Conan summoned Andy to find something from the hallway for the college entrant-to-be. He came back with a used coffee burner. “What is this?” “All I could find.”

To this day I think the gimmick was real. Andy was gone a long time.

So to review — while I’ll be watching American Idol and V on TV, I’ll actually be thinking of my college-age co-worker sitting in an auditorium audience with maybe, (currently), the most famous (and richest) underdog in America.


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