Helping Out the Homeless Animal Community

This past Saturday I helped out homeless animals by attending the Nevada Humane Society’s Walk for Animals at the Sparks Marina.

More than 1,000 animal lovers (including me) helped raise $72,820!

I’ll admit it – I oogled and awed over all the dogs I saw. It was like doggie heaven for me.

I didn’t see any kitties there, which actually was a good thing since fights would probably break out and fur would fly!

I donated $125 for the cause. Besides the $40 I had several of my co-workers also stepped up to help a cause so close to my heart.


About two weeks ago my boyfriend befriended a small Calico-like kitty outside our apartment. His heart melted when he saw her and took it upon himself to save her.

It was only when we took her to the vet that we even found out she was a girl! One of her fangs is broken and she has several scabs all over her fragile bony body. Huge tufts of fur are also missing.

Within a few days she turned into a little diva. Knocking over her food bowl was the last straw for me. I decided to name her Donatella.

Despite her diva ways, we refuse to get rid of her. She’s too flippin’ cute. Her quiet meows melt your heart.

She’s still getting used to her new surroundings and us. I just hope she understands what we did for her.


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