Fun With Fake Twitter Feeds

I stumbled upon this today and then found it on

Verified accounts are no fun. The real Twitter winners are the satirical send-ups, lambasting everyone from Israel to director-who-likes-explosions Michael Bay.


Sample tweet: “I don’t know, this common sense idea looks awfully expensive … I think we’ll just say we’re doing it.”

BP’s fake PR twitter account has more than five times the followers of its official account, and it’s with good reason: the fake feed’s slippery-tongued denial and massaging of the spreading oil spill is far more fun than the real (depressing) thing.

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Feds Meet With Film Director Cameron on Oil Spill

Federal officials are hoping film director James Cameron can help them come up with ideas on how to stop the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The “Avatar” and “Titanic” director was among a group of scientists and other experts who met Tuesday with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies for a brainstorming session on stopping the massive oil leak.

The Canadian-born Cameron is considered an expert on underwater filming and remote vehicle technologies. “Avatar” and “Titanic” are the two highest-grossing films of all time.

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