‘The Flintstones’ Turn 50

The modern Stone Age family just celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Hanna-Barbera Productions created “The Flintstones” on Sept. 30, 1960, but Fred, Barney and the rest of the Bedrock gang have gone far since then. “The Flintstones” series lead to 11 TV specials, five TV movies and 11 spin-off shows, including “The Pepples and Bamm-Bamm Show,” “Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo” and “The Flintstone Kids.” (MSNBC)

To commemorate their anniversay, Google made its own doodle on their homepage:

And Katie Couric talked about for hew ‘Notebook’:

Fellow Baby Boomers, where were you 50 years ago tonight?

September 30th, 1960, ABC premiered TV’s first animated prime-time series….The Flintstones. 

In honor of the anniversary, some Flintstones trivia: 

It was loosely based on The Honeymooners .. and originally aimed at ADULTS. 

The first SPONSOR was Winston cigarettes. Fred even SMOKED them, but only in COMMERCIALS. 

The producers considered hillbillies and indians before settling on cavemen…the pun possibilities were simply too tempting. Stoneway pianos. Polorock cameras. No stone was left unturned. 

The Flintstones’ BABY was GOING to be a BOY .. but when a toymaker said he could sell millions of dolls if it were a GIRL .. Pebbles was born. 

Barney and Betty later adopted Bam-Bam.

In one script, Fred was SUPPOSED to yell, “yahoo!” But actor Allen Reed changed it to  Yabbadabbadoo — reportedly a play on the old Brylcreem slogan, “a little dab’ll do yah.” 

That’s a page from my notebook.

I’m Katie Couric, CBS News.


Best Poll Ever!

So happy to see someone at Time.com has a sense of humor!

And the best part? Voters were actually divided on the issue!

Really?! Bentley Recalling Hood Ornament


Luxury carmaker Bentley is recalling 820 cars worldwide over fears that its famous “Winged B” hood ornament could injure people in an accident because it might not properly retract.

Bentley Motors‘ European head office in Berlin said Thursday the recall affects 620 cars in the United States and Canada and 200 in Europe who added the raised hood ornament as an option on Arnage, Brooklands and Azure models made between October 2006 and March 2009.

The company says no injuries have been reported but a Bentley dealer noticed the spring mechanism under the ornament has a tendency to corrode and might not always function properly.

The fear is that if the hood ornament does not retract, it could increase the risk of injury to a pedestrian in the event of a crash, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on its website.

“The recall is rather theoretical,” said company spokesman Richard Durbin in a telephone interview from Crewe, England, where Bentley cars are produced. “If it were struck by something, we want it to retract as quickly as possible and in some instances it’s not doing it.”

He added the hood ornament itself is unaffected by corrosion because it is stainless steel.

Bentley, owned by Germany’s Volkswagen AG, will replace the mechanism free and says the work takes about an hour to complete.


Mad Men Inspired Fashion?

Is it me or does this dress look Mad Men inspired? It’s a classic cut, but I couldn’t stop staring at it. I can just see a woman in the kitchen baking with an iron nearby.

Will be interesting to see what other fashion companies release. This show could seriously set off a “new” trend.

Wolf Pack Makes History: Nevada Ranked in Both National Polls

I found this on an University of Nevada press release, but I’m just too excited not to share this about my alma mater!


For the first time ever, the University of Nevada football team is ranked in both of the national Top 25 polls.

The Wolf Pack entered the rankings at No. 25 in both the Associated Press Top 25 and the USA Today Coaches’ Top 25. This is the first time Nevada has ever been ranked in the USA today poll and it marks the first time since 1948 that Nevada has been in the AP Top 25.

Nevada received 102 points in the USA Today poll and 120 points in the AP Poll.

In the AP Poll, Nevada first appeared on Oct. 4, 1948 at No. 19. The Pack, behind All-American quarterback Stan Heath, rose as high as No. 10 on Oct. 25 before falling out of the poll in mid-November of that year.

The complete USA Today Poll can be found here: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/football/usatpoll.htm?loc=interstitialskip

The complete AP Poll can be found here: http://sports.ap.org/college-football/poll/ap

Nevada returns to action on Saturday as the Pack travels to UNLV for the annual Battle for the Fremont Cannon. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. and can be seen on The Mtn. Network. The game can be heard throughout Northern Nevada on the new ESPN Radio 94.5 FM and will be simulcast on Fox Sports Radio 630 AM.

NBC Universal to Build Newsroom in O’Brien’s Former Studio

NBC Universal will build a new West Coast newsroom and production center in Conan O’Brien’s former studio on the Universal lot, the entertainment company said Thursday.

The 60,000-square-foot facility will move the Los Angeles bureau of NBC News and local affiliate KNBC from Burbank to Universal City. The company didn’t disclose how much the new studios will cost, but such facilities typically require tens of millions of dollars to build.

“This is a significant investment in our West Coast news operations,” NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker said. “It also further consolidates the locations of our businesses, making the Universal lot the center of our operations on the West Coast.”

The facility, which will have the latest broadcasting technology, is expected to be completed by 2012.

The news teams have some urgency to move. NBC Universal sold NBC’s historic Burbank lot in 2007 and 2008 to Burbank developer M. David Paul & Associates. Plans at the time called for news operations to move by 2011 into a studio and office complex to be built across Lankershim Boulevard from Universal Studios.

The proposed complex, called MetroStudio@Lanskershim, hasn’t been approved by public officials. NBC Universal previously agreed, however, to be the anchor tenant in the proposed 650,000-square-foot project headed by Los Angeles developer Jim Thomas on land owned by the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

That arrangement apparently is still on, but the NBC news operations needed a new home because the MetroStudio development probably won’t be completed until early 2014.

“We remain interested in being a key component of the MetroStudio project,” NBC Universal spokeswoman Cindy Gardner said.

Work will begin soon on retrofitting Studio One and an adjacent five-story office building on Universal’s lot. The company spent more than $50 million to prepare the studio where O’Brien hosted the Tonight Show from May 2009 until NBC pulled the plug on him in January 2010.

Converting the facility to a news operation will require erecting a steel frame inside the building to create a second floor capable of holding heavy broadcasting equipment. The sound stage was built in 1962 for entertainer Jack Benny.

“This move represents an extraordinary investment in KNBC and NBC News L.A.,” said Steve Capus, president of NBC News.

LA Times

Nice Workday Surprise

When I walked in the door yesterday to work I learned about what happened Tuesday night on the Late Show. Who knew my place of work would be randomly mentioned and nonetheless by 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin! Whoa! How cool! 

Below is a transcript of what happened from the show’s Wahoo Gazette:

ACT 2:
Dave opens the Top Ten list and during the opening animation, Alec Baldwin enters and takes a seat by Dave. He has an earpiece in his ear. He pays no attention to Dave.
ALEC: “Yeah . . . . I can hear you.”
DAVE: “Hi, Alec . . . what are you doing here?”
ALEC: (to Dave) “Sorry, Dave, I have a satellite interview with a CBS affiliate in Reno, Nevada. Only take a minute.”
DAVE: “Uh, Alec, we’re in the middle of the program . . . .”
ALEC: (to Dave): “Just go back to your show . . . don’t want to interrupt. Shhhh . . the interview’s beginning.” (Alec begins to slightly bop to the unheard theme music in his earpiece) (to Dave) “Catchy them song.” . . . . . (to his satellite interviewer) . . . . “Hi, Wayne, yes, I can hear you just fine. Thanks for having me . . . . Well, I am here to promote my hit series ’30 Rock’ . . . . what’s that? . . . . . yes, coffee is for closers. I haven’t heard that one before (makes a face) . . . . . . . . (looks over at Dave) . . . yeah, that’s him . . . . . I dunno, about a hundred? . . . . yeah, he looks like something out of Harry Potter, doesn’t he? . . . . (whispers to Dave) . . . I’m talking about someone else . . . Sure, I’d love to do it . . . . . . ‘This is Alec Baldwin and you’re watching KTVN Reno. News and Weather you can count on!’ . . . . . OK, take care Wayne.”

Alec removes his earpiece and prepares to leave.

ALEC: (to Dave) “Thanks, Dave. I may need the stage in a few minutes for a cooking segment. I’ll let you know.”

Alec exits.