Nice Workday Surprise

When I walked in the door yesterday to work I learned about what happened Tuesday night on the Late Show. Who knew my place of work would be randomly mentioned and nonetheless by 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin! Whoa! How cool! 

Below is a transcript of what happened from the show’s Wahoo Gazette:

ACT 2:
Dave opens the Top Ten list and during the opening animation, Alec Baldwin enters and takes a seat by Dave. He has an earpiece in his ear. He pays no attention to Dave.
ALEC: “Yeah . . . . I can hear you.”
DAVE: “Hi, Alec . . . what are you doing here?”
ALEC: (to Dave) “Sorry, Dave, I have a satellite interview with a CBS affiliate in Reno, Nevada. Only take a minute.”
DAVE: “Uh, Alec, we’re in the middle of the program . . . .”
ALEC: (to Dave): “Just go back to your show . . . don’t want to interrupt. Shhhh . . the interview’s beginning.” (Alec begins to slightly bop to the unheard theme music in his earpiece) (to Dave) “Catchy them song.” . . . . . (to his satellite interviewer) . . . . “Hi, Wayne, yes, I can hear you just fine. Thanks for having me . . . . Well, I am here to promote my hit series ’30 Rock’ . . . . what’s that? . . . . . yes, coffee is for closers. I haven’t heard that one before (makes a face) . . . . . . . . (looks over at Dave) . . . yeah, that’s him . . . . . I dunno, about a hundred? . . . . yeah, he looks like something out of Harry Potter, doesn’t he? . . . . (whispers to Dave) . . . I’m talking about someone else . . . Sure, I’d love to do it . . . . . . ‘This is Alec Baldwin and you’re watching KTVN Reno. News and Weather you can count on!’ . . . . . OK, take care Wayne.”

Alec removes his earpiece and prepares to leave.

ALEC: (to Dave) “Thanks, Dave. I may need the stage in a few minutes for a cooking segment. I’ll let you know.”

Alec exits.


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