You’re Outta Here!

Awhile back I mentioned how much I started to detest the word ‘competition’ because it was, in my opinion, used too much in reality shows. (‘Because this is a competition,’ ‘I will win this competition…’)

Now, I have another grip – people exacting revenge on others to purposely kick them out of the – competition.

For example, Sabrina on Hell’s Kitchen. If you’ve sent the show you know she’s more evil than Satan himself. So far, Gordon Ramsay has yet to dismiss her which means viewers get to watch her whine, bitch and cat claw her fellow contestants. Why would you want to hire someone like that to represent you? As I told my boyfriend, ‘there are bigger fish to fry’ – get rid of her.

And then there’s Dave and James on ‘The Apprentice.’ Pure lovefest. Instead of focusing on bettering themselves as job applicants, they instead fight each other with nasty words.

Don’t these contestants remember that millions of people are watching their every move? Or, do they think they’re too cool for school and purposely want to act like this? Who would hire any of these people after the show?

Not to out due the men, there is also a brewing lovefest between Mahsa and Tyana on the women’s team.

It may have been cute in the beginning to watch all these people bicker, but now it’s exhausting, even to the point I want to sometimes change the channel –

exactly what these contestants don’t want….


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