What Relationship?

Not even a month into this new fall TV season and I’m already noticing major things.

Like relationships.

First off we have Mike & Molly. In the first episode, they agreed to go on a date. I get the premise is about them (hence the name), but I think maybe holding off until a second or third episode would be good for building tension. There are only so many times a couple can get together and broke off dates, you know what I mean?

By no means am I disrespecting Chuck Lorre and James Burrows. I am in awe of their achievements and would die to work with either of them….I am just stating my own little armchair viewer opinion. J

Next, we have ‘Huddy.’ All summer long viewers were treated to steamy previews of Cuddy and House getting it on….and then it finally happened….in episode one. While this situation may mirror the other show, this particular couple has been brewing for several years now. Once again I don’t know if I’d place it in the season premiere. Yes, it gets viewers in, but will they stay for the entire season? (On the other hand, maybe it was strategically placed to get viewers they already lost to Dancing with the Stars.)

My point is you need to sustain viewers for a long time with a good storyline. I just don’t think you should dangle sex in front of us and give it all away in the first 30 minutes.

Does the term ‘jump the shark’ mean anything? Remember when Maddie and David finally got together on Moonlighting? And remember how boring the show got afterwards once they did it?


Ok, how about when Sam and Rebecca on Cheers? Or Niles and Daphne on Frasier? Do you see where I’m going with this?

Viewers want couples to get together, but then once they do, we no longer care to watch them – a catch 22.

While no one truly wins, at least the show’s writers and producers could delay our personal satisfaction. A little tension goes a long way.


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