Miracle One Mile Underground

Right now across the world millions of people are huddled around televisions watching the rescue of 33 trapped Chilean gold miners.

Yesterday, individual rescues were estimated to take about 30 minutes – now they are down to like 15 minutes.

It’s cool watching the underground camera and each capsule disappearing through the dirt ‘ceiling.’ It’s something I don’t think you can take for granted; its amazing knowing what lays above (!) for them.  

I can’t imagine being stuck underground that long, but the affected miners certainly knew it was a possibly and tacked the situation head on – with singing, cheering, flag waving and dancing. Every video looked like an impromptu frat party! (I swear those men had better days one mile underground than I did on ground!)

Hopefully, we can also learn from this and use Chilean mine authorities and technology know how to help with future mine issues here in the U.S. Sadly they will occur, but at least we can plan for disasters ahead of time and have more happy endings like the one happening right now in the southern hemisphere!

 In this photo released by the Chilean government, ... AP

And I just have to add this picture – if you didn’t know it was a mine rescue, I swear you’d think it looked like some kind of dirt bobsled race or something. Look at it!


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