Chilean Miners: The Video Game

Chilean miners game
It was bound to happen: Now you too can save each of the Chilean miners from the depths — if you have the patience.

Visit this website and you’ll have the chance to pull each of the 33 Chilean miners to safety by lowering and rising “The Phoenix” rescue capsule. Lower it down and a miner gets in. As you raise the cage (illustrated with a smiley face) the miner’s name, age and profession is displayed. The best part? When the capsule gets to the surface the tiny red blobs of people on the surface jump and bounce excitedly at your accomplishment. (See photos of the rescue.)

It takes a while. Newsfeed’s time was 12:38, but we took a couple breaks to stretch our arms (hey, it’s quite tough on the wrists!). But as a fellow Newsfeeder said, “Chile didn’t give up and neither will you!!!”

If you don’t have the patience to play until the end, here’s what happens: They tell you, in Spanish, that you succeeded in saving all the miners and display a stick figure who, though he doesn’t seem all that pleased with your accomplishment, says “f*** yea.”

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