Details About ’30 Rock’s’ Live Show Thursday Night

“30 Rock” will be telecast live tonight, The New York Times ArtsBeat blog reports.

The live show  will be performed twice: once for the Eastern and Central time zones, and a second time for Western and Mountain time zones.

According to the article, “30 Rock” Executvie Producer Robert Carlock said, “We’re actually making little changes – I don’t want to get into too many details, but these little flashback elements, or the fake commercial when we throw to commercial, we’ll change them for the West Coast.” He added that the show will still have the flashbacks for which ’30 Rock’ is well known, explaining, “we’ll do live flashbacks with a different actor or actress playing Jack or Liz or whoever. We can’t do as much of it, but we’ve got a couple little weird live elements that we’re trying out to make it feel that way.”

Carlock then told the Times that this Thursday’s live episode came about because “NBC called our bluff, and Studio 8H was open and we figured, we’ve got to do this.” The idea started when the show did a live benefit at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Manhattan during the writers’ strike, he adds. “We did two performances of it, and it just confirmed everything we knew about our actors – how great they are in front of an audience as well as in front of a single camera, which is such a different set of skills,” Carlock said.


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