Conan O’Brien Returns to TV Tonight

Conan O’Brien is taking the Zen approach to losing the “Tonight” show.

O’Brien tells the AP that it’s “a waste of time and energy and just bad karma” to want revenge against NBC or Jay Leno.

 He says now that he’s been living in California, he might as well talk like that.

O’Brien says he has “no regrets” about what happened to him, but he admits he’ll still have “feelings” about it when he’s 80 years old.

He says he “went through a lot of this stuff, but everybody does” and now he’s getting another chance to do what he loves.

O’Brien starts his new talk show tonight on TBS, a half-hour earlier than the “Tonight” show. His first guest will be Seth Rogan. Jack White will be the musical guest. (AP)


One Response

  1. Conan’s a better man than me. I would be really PO’d still. That being said, I wish him nothing but the best. So far his new show has been fun.

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