Prince William: Time Felt Right to Propose

William and Kate

Britain’s Prince William says he had discussed marriage with future bride Kate Middleton for more than a year before he finally proposed on a holiday in Kenya last month.

The prince, speaking in a joint television interview as they announced their engagement Tuesday, said the couple had been discussing marriage for at least 12 months.

William says he had been planning to pop the question for a while. But he says “as every guy out there will know, it takes time a certain amount of motivation to get yourself going.”

The prince says “it just felt really right out in Africa and was beautiful at the time.”

Prince Charles says he’s “absolutely thrilled” with the news. His second wife, Camilla, says her stepson’s engagement is “the most brilliant news.”

Middleton’s parents are welcoming the prince to their family. Her father says, “We all think he’s wonderful.”

William did not disclose precise details of how he proposed but said it showed his romantic side.

(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)


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