Adventures With Kitty Santa

As many of you know, I sorely regret not having Santa pictures taken with my beloved Plop and Sushi. (They died less than three weeks after the holidays in 2009.)

As a result, whoever lives us now during Christmas must get their picture taken with the Big Man.

And this year, Donatella was the chosen one.

Saturday, Sterling and I went box in hand to Petsmart. When it was our turn, I placed her on Santa’s lap. Three of us then made squeaky noises and kissy sounds to coax her to look our direction.

Luckily, she looked at us four different times.

The girl showed me two pictures and I apparently picked the blurry one. (Couldn’t really tell since her camera was so small.)

While waiting, Donatella sat in her box just observing the world.

Even Santa, who only owns dogs, mentioned how calm she was. Everyone kept asking us, ‘she’s a stray?’ Yep.

I didn’t realize it until later I should have taken a picture of her sliding down the checkout lane scanner. So cute.

Guess she thinks as long as she’s inside the box, she’s safe – in unfamiliar territory. Yet, when she’s home she’ll leap out every time.

I paid $10 and donated another $10 to homeless pets.

Donatella remained calm until she recognized home and then started acting up. Apparently her day was so eventful she had to have to take a long nap – outside of her box.


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