Kellene’s 2011 Oscar Predictions

Here are my annual Oscar predictions. As you well know I try to post them before the Golden Globes show just to push my mental guessing ability. I won’t lie – this year was really hard for me. Not the picking the eventual winner, but choosing the other nominees. 

Best Picture  

The Social Network

The Fighter


The King’s Speech

127 Hours

True Grit


Toy Story 3

The Kids are All Right

Winter’s Bone 

Since the Academy re-instituted the 10 picture rule, it’s getting harder and harder to predict the other five. Top5 not so hard; other 5 – up for grabs. In a weird way I thought it was actually fairer when only 5 were nominated. There was a mystique and expectation – now I just feel like the other 5 are hangers on. But that’s just me. 

Best Actor  

Colin Firth, The King’s Speech

James Franco, 127 Hours

Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter

Robert Duvall, Get Low

Jeff Bridges, True Grit 

I believe Colin Firth is a lock on this. But four other men need to be named. There seems to be a pattern when someone wins an Oscar they are again nominated the next year (if they appeared in a film.) I believe that will happen with Jeff Bridges. He seems to be ‘It’ dude for right now – along with his voiceovers for Hyundai and Duracell batteries. Plus, John Wayne won an Oscar for his performance in the original 1969 film. 

Best Actress 

Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole

Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right

Anne Hathaway, Love and Other Drugs

Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone 

I may be in the minority on this, but I believe Nicole Kidman will be nominated. Cynthia Nixon won a Tony for the same role on Broadway. Similar move happened for Jennifer Hudson and look what happened to her. I seem to be on the fence with Natalie Portman. I am going to give her benefit of a doubt. Not everyday day you see a role like she played. 

Best Supporting Actor 

Christian Bale, The Fighter

Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech

Matt Damon, True Grit

Andrew Garfield, The Social Network

Sam Rockwell, Conviction 

I really want Christian Bale to win. Rush already has an Oscar for Shine, but this role also seems to be a lock for him. Despite my above choices, I think I might be guessing wrong this year. But we’ll see 

Best Supporting Actress 

Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech

Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit

Melissa Leo, The Fighter

Julianne Moore, The Kids are All Right

Amy Adams, The Fighter  

This category always seems hard to predict for me. Last year there was a clear winner, but some years – like this one – are hard to decipher. 

Best Director 

Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan

David Fincher, The Social Network

Christopher Nolan, Inception

Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech

David O. Russell, The Fighter 

Oddly, this category was easy to decide for me. But winner-wise? Not so easy. And what about the Coens? They could have a chance. Think it just goes back to the ‘spread the wealth’ notion.  

Best Original Screenplay  


The Social Network

The King’s Speech

The Kids are All Right

Another Year 

As confused as I still am months later, Inception was written really well. Nolan seems to be a master of complication. And with good reason. He’s also behind Dark Knight and the new Batman coming out soon. As for The King’s Speech, none of the other nominations would have been possible without a compelling script. Everything stems from great writing. 

Best Adapted Screenplay

True Grit

127 Hours

The Ghost Writer

Love & Other Drugs

Toy Story 3 

Not really sure what to say about these. Toy Story 3 has got a good chance too – not only does it come from Pixar (and they spend months, even years perfecting stories), it’s the third in an already great series of stories. Everything the Coen brothers touch turns out great too, and True Grit is just another example. And thankfully it’s not cheesy, unlike many other remakes out there. 

Best Animated Feature  

Shrek Forever After

Despicable Me

How to Train Your Dragon 

Once again, this is a hard categoy to predict. If an animated movie is named in the overall best picture category, it leaves a space open for this particular category. It does not work the other way around. Toy Story was such a big deal when it was first released, I think the Academy will reward its sequels just as well. Same goes for Shrek in this category. Voters seem to really like the first one so it gives this one some hope. 

Don’t I sound like a real insider!? To which I’m not – I have no current (!) affiliation with the Academy – this is just a hobby for me. I just like to think I’m important when it comes to films!


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