Golden Globes Broadcast Seen by 17 Million Viewers

Host Ricky Gervais talks at the 68th annual Golden ... Reuters

The Nielsen Co. says Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony was seen by almost 17 million TV viewers. It beat all network competition in its time period, slightly exceeding last year’s audience for the film and TV awards show.

According to time zone-adjusted Nielsen “fast national” figures released Monday, it was NBC’s most-watched prime-time entertainment telecast in the 18-to-49 demographic since last year’s Golden Globes.

Carried by NBC from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time, the program aired live in every time zone for the second year in a row.

British comedian-actor Ricky Gervais returned as host, irreverently lampooning many of the nominees, presenters and even the sponsoring Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Gervais also joked about Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr, Scientologists and virtually every presenter. His first joke was about Sheen. He mentioned about the partying and heavy drinking that would be going on at the Globes, or, he added, “as Charlie Sheen calls it, breakfast.” He joked about straight guys Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor playing a gay couple, which Gervais said was “the complete opposite of some Scientologists.” He introduced presenter Robert Downey Jr by mentioning his time in rehab and jail. Downey responded by calling his jokes “mean spirited with sinister overtones.” Gervais ended the evening by thanking God for making him an atheist. (AP)

In a statement released Monday, a representative for the HFPA said: “We loved the show. It was a lot of fun and obviously has a lot of people talking. When you hire a comedian like Ricky Gervais, one expects in your face, sometimes outrageous material.  Certainly, in this case, he pushed the envelope and occasionally went too far. The HFPA would never condone some of his personal remarks.  Overall, however, the show was among the best we’ve ever had and we were pleased.” (Hollywood Reporter)

It also became more apparent during the evening that it would turn into a ‘Social Network’ sweep. Although it did not win EVERY category it was nominated for, it did show me it could be a real contemporary contender for this year’s Oscars. But — let me point out that the Hollywood Foreign Press seems to lean towards more trendy, contemporary people/shows/films. I thought The King’s Speech would take more awards, but it did take home the one I assumed all along – best actor. Just goes to show history still has a place in films.

My mother also pointed out that many awards went to older, more established actors – Annette Bening, Katey Segal –over younger people. Yes, Natalie Portman is 29, but how long has she been acting – since she was 15? And Claire Danes? Think about it….

The Golden Globes are always hard to predict for me. (I got 9 correct).

History plays a part. Claire Danes and Annette Bening have won before so there’s a good chance to repeat.

Cultural importance plays a part. Glee is hot right now and so is Modern Family (which won an Emmy for best comedy last year) so that sets up a toss up come show time. Eric Stonestreet won an Emmy last year as did Jim Parsons and Jane Lynch so I assumed Stonestreet would win again last night. He didn’t but the other two did.

Experience plays a part. The more actors/directors/producers are in the business, they better chance they have for a nomination and win. 

And lastly there are the occasional surprises – like Katey Segal and Chris Colfer.

You have to pretend mentally you work for HFPA – what would you want to see win? It’s hard some years. But remember, they want to highlight the best of entertainment to the rest of the world – that’s really key here. So remember that for next time.

The Emmys are also always hard for me, but the Oscars? I always seem to do pretty well on those. We’ll see. 


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