Sundance Day 1: Movie About Movies

A sign welcomes the Sundance Film Festival in ... AP

The Sundance Film Festival’s first big buy is a movie about   selling out. Isn’t it ironic?  
Morgan Spurlock’s (“Supersize Me”) latest project, “The Greatest  Movie Ever Sold,” is premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival –  which just kicked-off today in Park City, Utah – and rights to the  documentary have already been snatched by Sony Pictures.  
The film takes a long, hard look at product placement, marketing and advertising. And here’s the kicker: The entire project was financed by – you guessed it – product placement, marketing and advertising.  
Director Spurlock wrote the screenplay for “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” along with Jeremy Chilnick. In the film, Spurlock uses humor and insight to shed light on the marketing process, placing cameras in the  thick of intense pitch meetings and presentations.  
By doing so, Spurlock exploits himself by intentionally selling out to the highest bidder. Audiences will witness Spurlock manage to secure the backing of major sponsors and promotions in order to create a blockbuster documentary, or the first-ever “docbuster.”  
Sony and Spurlock are hoping you’ll part with your money and buy tickets when “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” his theaters this April. (CNN)


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