Fact Checking Kellene’s ’11 Oscar Nom Prediction

Oscar nominations came out Tuesday – http://bit.ly/eY75Ws – which means it’s also time to fact check my post-Golden Globe predictions.

First off, I did pretty good, but I could have done better. I also chose some people who were snubbed – Christopher Nolan, Robert Duvall, Annette Bening – but I also was amazingly accurate on other categories like screenplay despite placing one movie in the wrong category.  http://bit.ly/eK1dAz

The biggest issue I had this year was the dual Toy Story 3 nominations for best picture AND best animated feature. I think it should only be eligible for one category – giving another movie the chance to be nominated, say Despicable Me?? But now that can’t happen thanks to the two nominations. I will say Toy Story will most likely lose in the best picture and win animated. So, that helps ease my annoyance, but still I just think it’s unfair.

As for my predictions – for best picture – I got 9 of 10 nominations correct. Actor 3 of 5. Actress 4 of 5. Supporting actor 2 of 5. Supporting actress 4 of 5. Screenplays 9 of 10. Director 4 of 5. And animated 1 of 3.

I’ll need to digest the nominations before I come out with my final choices. I think it will come down to The King’s Speech and The Social Network – old vs new. And I think the Academy prefers old over new, but there are younger inducted members. So it’s a close call.


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