‘The Social Network’ Could Still Surprise

This week Time Magazine posted an online article stating that this month’s Academy Awards are already locked up winner-wise.  http://bit.ly/gdN2hl

Sunday night the SAG Awards honored what have become this season’s usual suspects: Colin Firth for the ‘The King’s Speech,’ Natalie Portman for ‘Black Swan’ and Melissa Leo and Christian Bale for ‘The Fighter.’

While the SAG awards give the illusion of a non-suspenseful show, does anyone remember what happened to ‘The Departed?’ I remember dropping my jaw when I heard it won Best Picture. And what about last year when ‘The Hurt Locker’ toppled the fan favorite ‘Avatar?’

Just because you think something will win Best Picture doesn’t mean it will. Or should.

That said, I still think the race between ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘The Social Network’ is not clear cut.

The Oscars are still nearly a month away and a lot could happen by then. I even keep going back and forth on which film will win. And every day my answer seems to change. Today I think it’s ‘The King’s Speech.’

And that’s the great thing about the Oscars – there’s never a shortage of surprises – even if it is in the sound editing category.

I still stand behind my original acting choices – Melissa Leo, Christian Bale, Colin Firth and Natalie Portman.

Adapted screenplay could also be an interesting category to watch this year too. Once again, it’s ‘The Social Network’ but this time against ‘Toy Story 3.’ The guy who wrote it also did Little Miss Sunshine so he does have an experience winning an Oscar – which means he knows what to do.

And then what about TS3 being nominated in two different categories? If it doesn’t get Best Picture most likely it will get Best Animated.

Yes, there are obviously more important things to worry about in life like unemployment, unrest in Egypt, homelessness….but I just think its fun to guess – expand my creative brain, see how close I come.

This year’s Academy Awards will air live at 5pm February 27th on ABC.

Do you disagree with me? What do you think will win this year?


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