Deadline Looms for `Two and a Half Men’ Decision

There are 2 1/2 weeks left for Warner Bros. Television and CBS to decide the fate of “Two and a Half Men.”

CBS is set to unveil its fall schedule for advertisers inNew Yorkon May 18. That puts deadline pressure on the network, Warner and the show’s executive producer to develop a post-Charlie Sheen version of the sitcom or end it.

An executive close to the situation said the parties are weighing if the show will return, who could replace Sheen in the cast and whether a revamped “Two and a Half Men” could be ready for fall or have to wait until midseason.

The executive spoke on condition of anonymity Friday because Warner and CBS would not authorize public comment on the show’s status.

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Steve Carell Leaves ‘The Office’ After 7 Seasons

Steve Carell  AP

Scrantonbranch manager Michael Scott has left “The Office,” as promised, in a fond farewell for the actor who played him, series star Steve Carell.

Carell is leaving the NBC comedy after seven seasons to concentrate on films. But his character leaves Dunder Mifflin paper supply company after 19 years, bound forColoradowith his fiancee, Holly.

As Michael looks around the office, he gets misty-eyed at mundane conversations he knows he won’t hear again, like Pam talking about a paper shredder. He realizes he’ll face new challenges, because the TV channels will be different.

Michael played a final game of paintball in the parking lot with his Dwight.

Michael left a day before the staff assumed he would, preventing sad, gooey good-byes.

NBC has not announced who will permanently replace Carell on the series, which comically depicts office life in a documentary film style. “The Office” has been renewed for next season.



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Why Happy Distractions are Good

Two wars, the continuing recession and now hundreds of deaths across the South. While these stories still dominate everyday headlines, it is nice to see something positive and enlightening like today’s royal wedding inLondon.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married today at Westminster Abbey. The couple pledged their lives to one another at the church with the simple words, “I will.”

They were pronounced husband and wife as 1 million people packed the streets and an estimated 2 billion more watched across the globe. About 1,900 guests were attendance.

The couple sealed their wedding with a pair of kisses on a balcony at Buckingham Palace, delighting thousands of spectators.

Later, they took an open-top car for a spin, delighting the crowds outside of Buckingham Palace.

William was behind the wheel of the dark blue Aston Martin “Volante” festooned with ribbons, bows and balloons as it emerged from Buckingham Palace. (AP)



There seems to be two major camps on this subject – the ‘Who cares?’ crowd and the ‘OMG! I’m obsessed’ crowd.

Maybe it’s the lifelong dream girls-turned-women hold onto, maybe it’s all the pomp and circumstance, maybe it’s the idea that fairy tales really do exist. It’s exciting. I mean people camped out for days just hoping to see a millisecond of the new couple.

“Why camp out?” you ask. As a co-worker pointed out, “people camp out for Star Wars!”

It’s the idea that we can all come together and share a common feeling of joy.  

It’s also about watching the culmination of a prince we watched grow up in front of our eyes. I won’t lie – a few times I actually thought ‘Diana would be so proud’ when I watched him wait for Catherine walk down the aisle.

Which brings up another interesting point – if she were alive, how much attention would be spotlighted on her, and not on Kate? It’s Kate’s day, but Diana was one of the most famous people in the world.

It’s also the idea of new beginnings for newlyweds. So much hope and promise – and joy.

No one condemn that.

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Golden Globes Pick Mid-January Date for Award Show

The 2012 Golden Globe Awards will be presented on Jan. 15, but which network will air the star-studded presentation is still an open question for a federal judge to decide.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the date on Thursday without mentioning a specific broadcaster.

The group is locked in a battle with longtime producer Dick Clark Productions over whether the show will air on NBC as it has for nearly two decades. Last year the press association sued the production company, which is now under new ownership, claiming that it negotiated a new broadcast deal without permission.

The producer claims the NBC contract is valid.

A trial to resolve the broadcast rights is scheduled for September.

More than 17 million people tuned in to this year’s awards show.

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No Tweets Allowed From Westminster Abbey

The royal wedding will be a tweet-free zone on Friday morning after event organizers arranged for signal-blocking technology to be installed at Westminster Abbey.

It was feared that with 1,900 people inside the church, including royals, celebrities, and members of the general public, there would be a risk of guests using their phones to use Twitter to send information from the Abbey ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials.

The move was suggested by senior members of the royal family and approved by police and security personnel over the last few days, and also met with the approval of television broadcasters keen to avoid any unfortunate sightings of guests on their phones — or even untimely ringtones disrupting the service.

A police official confirmed to Yahoo! on Wednesday that the blocking technology will be in place from early Friday morning and will remain switched on for the entirety of the ceremony.

While it is surely unthinkable that any guest at the great occasion would commit the ultimate faux pas by leaving their phone switched on, officials want to be certain that there are no embarrassing mishaps.

Some wedding guests will arrive up to two hours before the ceremony officially begins and have been discreetly advised byBuckinghamPalacethat, with no toilet facilities available for their use, they should take appropriate measures before their arrival.

Prince William himself will get to the Abbey around 40 minutes before his bride, and he will spend that time greeting visiting heads of state, receiving some final words of encouragement from the Archbishop of Canterbury, and going over his wedding vows one last time.

Kate, who will be escorted by her father Michael Middleton, received some late words of support from singer Sir Elton John, who told of his admiration for her public composure.

“Let’s face it, we know what that kind of marriage entails,” said Sir Elton, a close friend of William’s mother Princess Diana who played “Candle in the Wind” at her funeral. “I admire [Kate] for going through with it. It’s about two people falling in love and getting into a situation, for her especially, where it is going to be the most difficult life.”


NBC Axes ‘Paul Reiser Show’ After 2 Weeks

NBC has yanked “The Paul Reiser Show” after just two little-watched airings.

The comedy, which attempted a TV comeback for the former star of “Mad About You,” attracted a dismal 3.4 million viewers to its premiere. That same week TV’s highest-rated comedy, “Modern Family” on ABC, had 9.6 million viewers.

The “Reiser” audience then dropped last week to 2.4 million viewers.

NBC says it will air repeats of “The Office” in the time slot — Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. Eastern — for the final month of the TV season.

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So Cute! Little Penguin Gets Tickled!

So I have been asked to remove this clip from the site – booo – but I’ll oblige. Only problem is I can’t seem to find where to delete it. Anyone know?

Cookie is a Little Penguin (the smallest species of penguin), and is reportedly the mascot of the Cincinnati Zoo Bird House.

He has a bandage on his foot because he has a disease known as “bumblefoot” and needs his sock changed daily.

According to The L.A. Times, Little Penguins (also known as Blue penguins or Fairy penguins) are native toAustralia andNew Zealand.

The tickler is Patricia Sund, who filmed the video while working at the zoo as a guest keeper to perform research for her book and blog, “Parrot Nation.” While the original video was posted to YouTube over a year ago, this new, shorter clip has recently been making the rounds, surging in popularity across the Internet.

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