Why Happy Distractions are Good

Two wars, the continuing recession and now hundreds of deaths across the South. While these stories still dominate everyday headlines, it is nice to see something positive and enlightening like today’s royal wedding inLondon.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married today at Westminster Abbey. The couple pledged their lives to one another at the church with the simple words, “I will.”

They were pronounced husband and wife as 1 million people packed the streets and an estimated 2 billion more watched across the globe. About 1,900 guests were attendance.

The couple sealed their wedding with a pair of kisses on a balcony at Buckingham Palace, delighting thousands of spectators.

Later, they took an open-top car for a spin, delighting the crowds outside of Buckingham Palace.

William was behind the wheel of the dark blue Aston Martin “Volante” festooned with ribbons, bows and balloons as it emerged from Buckingham Palace. (AP)



There seems to be two major camps on this subject – the ‘Who cares?’ crowd and the ‘OMG! I’m obsessed’ crowd.

Maybe it’s the lifelong dream girls-turned-women hold onto, maybe it’s all the pomp and circumstance, maybe it’s the idea that fairy tales really do exist. It’s exciting. I mean people camped out for days just hoping to see a millisecond of the new couple.

“Why camp out?” you ask. As a co-worker pointed out, “people camp out for Star Wars!”

It’s the idea that we can all come together and share a common feeling of joy.  

It’s also about watching the culmination of a prince we watched grow up in front of our eyes. I won’t lie – a few times I actually thought ‘Diana would be so proud’ when I watched him wait for Catherine walk down the aisle.

Which brings up another interesting point – if she were alive, how much attention would be spotlighted on her, and not on Kate? It’s Kate’s day, but Diana was one of the most famous people in the world.

It’s also the idea of new beginnings for newlyweds. So much hope and promise – and joy.

No one condemn that.

(AFP, AP, Reuters photos)


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