@NBCNews Twitter Account Hacked

I was briefly taken aback on Friday when I noticed the below during a casual glance at various Twitter accounts during work. 

I think I was more surprised it wasn’t Anonymous that hacked the page! Granted I don’t know why it was targeted, but I haven’t heard of Script Kiddies. Maybe this is their big debut into the hacking cyberworld?


Within minutes @nbcnews’ Twitter account was suspended. And about an hour later, the site was back to normal and had deleted the hacked tweets.

I was impressed how fast they reacted and deleted the messages. Shows someone is paying attention over there.

But why NBC News? I don’t know either. 

Here’s the AP wire on it-

(AP) — NBC says hackers briefly took over the NBC News Twitter feed and sent out false reports of a plane attack on the World Trade Center site.

The network calls Friday’s hacking “reckless and irresponsible.” It says it’s working with Twitter to fix the problem.

Sunday is the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when hijacked planes crashed into and destroyed the twin towers.


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