‘All My Children’ Ends After 41 Years

“All My Children” ended with Erica Kane being jilted one last time followed by a gunshot. Who lives, who dies?

You’ll have to wait to see if the soap continues online. The final episode aired today, nearly 42 years after the show premiered.

Erica tried to persuade Jack to marry her again and follow her toLos Angeles. He refused and paraphrased Rhett Butler by saying “Frankly, Erica, I don’t give a damn what you do.”

A minute later, a drunk J.R. fired into the party, where much of the cast was.

One longtime relationship did end with a proposal. Adam asked Brooke to marry him and she said yes.

A media company hopes to continue the soap online. Some cast members have signed up, but Lucci hasn’t said what she’ll be doing. (AP)


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