Happy Holidays to Pets!

Fido and Fluffy can expect to find some treats under the tree this year.

Eight in ten pet owners plan to splurge on their four-legged friends.

That’s according to a survey by Petplan.

28-percent plan to spend $50 or more on presents for their pet.

The gifts range from tasty treats and toys to custom clothing, spa days…and even Swarovski crystal-encrusted collars.

But- that’s not all.

71-percent sign their pets name on the family greeting card.

And 76% of those surveyed have a special stocking for their pet.

I won’t lie – I’m a part of this group. I just bought a rope fish for one of our cats. Donatella destroyed the last one. I also got some plastic bags and pennies for Flea and a fuzzy blanker for Taka. I’ve always felt that all animals deserve love. And that my pets are part of my family, and they should be treated as such.

Our two outside kitties have beds now, and a small cloth toy. One was deserted by his family, and the other – well I stole her son, Fleabait (2010 NCAA Tournament bracket champion) so she hangs around us. I really, really want her one eye checked out, but she’s skittish to catch, but that’s also cool in that she only approaches us. And jumps on my car when I drive home.


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