Worst Employee Excuses of the Year

You may have started making excuses when you were young: the dog ate my homework — the bus was late — my alarm clock didn’t work.
And now – some of those excuses for being late to the workplace don’t sound any more grown up.
Careerbuilder surveyed 10,000 workers and employers and found some very interesting reasons for tardiness.
Perhaps the most unique excuse of the year — one worker blamed the cat. Said it had the hiccups.
Also making the list — someone got distracted watching TV – more specifically NBCs “Today Show.” One employee claimed to have caught a leg between the subway train and the platform — and actually that one turned out to be true!
Another brazen claim for being late – a job interview at a competing company.
As for the most popular excuses. –
Careerbuilder finds that almost a third cite traffic as the reason.
Lack of sleep was used by 18%.
Bad weather and issues bringing the kids to school or daycare was also a common claim.
But workers be warned — whatever your excuse may be — excessive tardiness can have serious consequences.
More than one-third of bosses say they have fired someone for being late. (CNN)


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