March Madness is Alive and Well

If you know me, you know I play a NCAA Men’s NCAA Basketball tourney every year. Not for the fame or the fortune (!), but for the camaraderie that comes with the joy of beating friends at their own thought process.

I watched in horror Friday night as #2 Duke lost an agonizing game against #15 Lehigh. Me, and the rest of America, assumed it was a lock they’d win. Guess what?  ‘This is total crap!’ I yelled as the sound of millions of other brackets were torn to bits.

But now that a few days have passed, I can calmly say that’s what March Madness is all about. There’s a statistic out there that it’s like one in 100 billion gazillion odds that someone will correctly guess all the winners. We all know we won’t be that person – but we just all assumed Duke and Missouri would beat their respective opponents. Come on!

Every year when I’d ask my mom who to choose to win it all she always respond ‘Duke’s good.’

But she recently died so I had a tough choice to make – do I honor her wish or play who I think would win? Guess what I did? So happy she wasn’t here to see my anguish. Or – she’s up there and she also threw a fit!

Luckily, I also have my cat’s bracket still in good standing.

I’m learning that some people are good first round bettors – while others are good second rounders. And those are the people that are doing really well right now.

Most of us have had our brackets busted by now – which actually should spice up the race I’m in. I took some chances this year and chose Wisconsin to win. Why? I don’t know. But now, I am may be onto something. I think the new goal is getting as many points as possible – even without choosing the winner. Hell I just want to place second or third – at least get my money’s worth out of this blood curling tournament.

I never really was into bracketology until about a decade ago. I wanted to feel like I was a part of something so I joined. Last year I even named my bracket ‘the $5 I’ll never see again.’

And is it me or was this year really hard to predict? It seemed harder than most to guess. I don’t know – but it made my heart pound to even look at all the choices. That’s dumb. No one knows what will happen.

And that’s why everyone has their own method. Like me.

There’s me and Flea. A few years ago I watched a girl scrutinize over standings and records and thought I could prove her wrong and show that a cat could beat her. Took me 8 years but Fleabait co-won our bracket two years ago. The other co-winner had never entered before – it was his first one!

There are 37 people playing this year. Oh, and one cat.

Here’s hoping for the best for the rest of the tournament! Meow!


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