Not So fast, Kobe! Obama Sides With ’92 Dream Team

I gotta say – I agree. They were sooooo awesome, I don’t think another team can compare. I just don’t. Maybe way into the future another team will as good, but for right now – no dude.

Add President Barack Obama to the list of people who disagree with Kobe Bryant’s boast that this year’s USA Olympic basketball team could beat the Dream Team of 1992.

Bryant said recently that this year’s team — deep and athletic with the likes of Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant — would even beat the 1992 lineup.

The original Dream team included Hall of Fame players Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Scottie Pippen and Chris Mullin.

Obama told ESPN2 that it’s a generational thing and that, having been around in 1992 and being a Bulls fan, he’d have to pick the original Dream Team.

That said, Obama added that the current Olympic basketball team has unbelievable talent.

Obama attended Monday night’s exhibition game against Brazil. (AP)


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