Most Stressful Wednesday I’ve Ever Had!


Gotta love the Burning Man organization.
After trying something new to avert scalpers, they create a lottery system that pissed off thousands of frustrated people who didn’t get tickets to that year’s art festival.
Now, this year, they’ve restricted sales to just online, and to different groupings so there’s a 40,000 allotment for the Individual Sale, and then 10,000 more for the OMG Last Chance sale.
I go through the steps – create a Burner account then sign up for the main sale, then I get stuck in an online vortex of constant updates telling me the webpage I signed onto with my personal code will refresh every 60 seconds until my spot in line comes up – at which time I can actually buy tickets.
Well guess what?
Seems I’m not the only one who got stuck in this mess too. I read the comments left on Burning Man’s Facebook page for proof. Oh my God.
They actually have to send out periodic updates telling us if there are tickets still available.
Some people waited hours and finally got on.
I’m lucky in that I am also using my boyfriend’s account – so I have two chances, but that’s still not helping.
We’re not scalpers by any means, but we want to increase our chances to get tickets.
It was so much easier when it really was first-come first-served in person. At least for us, we’d buy our tickets at the Melting Pot in downtown Reno.
This online thing? Not so good. And it’s not all their fault. Technology sometimes trumps even the best intentions, but my God, we all know when January/February is, try to work out some kinks. Test it. I don’t know…. it just seems every time they do something on the internet it fails.
Some people get a ‘sold-out’ page, even though it’s not sold out. I can’t imagine responding to all the Facebook posts, and Twitter comments on a day like this. But – they were nice, ‘keep trying.’
Clock it –
4 hours 15 minutes – I get on the ticket page. I don’t even know how it happened. I was standing in front of a TV watching a live press conference on Christopher Dorner when it happened. I hold my breath and go through the steps as fast as I can in case there’s a clock like Ticketmaster. I press enter.
A page tells me my order cannot be processed because something doesn’t match. My heart sinks. ‘How can this be?’
I go to my bank account – the money is taken out. So maybe I have them????
I tell my boyfriend the good/bad news. As I do this his page comes up allowing me to buy two tickets.
As I sit down again, my confirmation email comes through! I got two Burning Man tickets!
Oh my God!
I feel like I cheated the system, even though I didn’t!
I click off his page, to allow someone else to enter their information.
I finally start breathing again. I did it – I somehow got two tickets!
I still can’t believe it. It’s an amazing feeling to know I’ll be going this year. I didn’t go last year due to the lottery.
But this year? I’m going, I’m actually going! That’s awesome.
But wait – what about other people who can’t get on? The clock keeps ticking.
I see another Facebook message that says there are tickets still for sale – and to keep trying. Some people are now encountering a sold-out page – even though the event is not.
This year’s system definitely needs to be fixed – somehow. And right away.
An hour later I see another message that reads ‘Individual Sale is now closed.’ It’s now around 6pm.
It hits me – did they sell out or was that a previously designated deadline?
And how am I lucky enough to get tickets?
A feeling of gratitude overwhelms me. I’m one of the lucky few who got actual tickets.
I’m actually going this year! That’s awesome, but I still feel sorry for others who do not get a ticket. I totally feel your pain – I felt it last year during the actual event – and I wasn’t there.
I wish you luck in getting tickets – and at least more sales are scheduled.


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