Jay Leno to Leave NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ Next Spring


Jay Leno says he will be leaving NBC’s “Tonight Show” next spring, to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon.
Leno announced the move Wednesday in a news release.
NBC also confirms that the show will be moving to New York City when Fallon takes over. “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels will take over as producer of the new “Tonight Show.”
The move has been widely reported but not confirmed by the network until now. NBC reportedly just wrapped up negotiations with Fallon on a contract extension.
Leno has congratulated Fallon. He says he hopes Fallon holds onto the job until he’s “the old guy.” He says if Fallon needs him, he’ll be “at the garage.” Fallon says he’s “really excited to host a show that starts today instead of tomorrow.”
NBC did not say who replace Fallon in his current time slot, which is one hour later than the “Tonight Show” although Seth Meyers is considered a strong candidate to replace Fallon.

“I mean, how many times can a guy be pushed out of the job, I mean,” ‘Late Show’ host David Letterman told his audience after finding it. “And what’s the matter with NBC? What’s the matter with these guys? You know, honestly, what are they thinking?… And, as with everything in life, all I really care about is how will this affect me? That’s all I really care about. And, Paul, is there any way NBC can push me out of this job? Can they do that?”
Letterman — who famously lost out on hosting The Tonight Show to Leno, prompting his move to CBS in 1993 — made jokes about it in his monologue and even did a Jay Leno-themed top 10 list: “Things We’ll Miss About Jay Leno.”
Among the entries:

5. “If you broke down on the freeway, Jay was always right there with a camera crew to help.

4. “Can’t remember the name of the bit, but it’s the one where Jay is walking.”

3. “He’s mom’s favorite talk show host.”

He also joked, “I got a call from my mom today, she says, ‘Well, David, I see you didn’t get the ‘Tonight Show’ again.’”

“Welcome! This is `Late Night with Jimmy Fallon … for now.” That’s how Fallon opened his show last night. It was his first since NBC made it official, that Fallon will be taking over for Jay Leno on the “Tonight Show” in about a year.
Leno opened the Tonight Show by saying it had been a tough day. Leno says he had to call David Letterman, to “tell him he didn’t get the `Tonight Show’ again.”
Letterman noted that he’s known Leno for 38 years. Letterman congratulated Leno “on a nice long run” on the Tonight Show. But Letterman adds, that is if Leno is “not coming back.”


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