Art vs Ego

A few days ago ABC World News aired a story about the growing emergence of self-portraits a la cell phone style.
It mentioned that the traditional Sears portrait is slowly disappearing because of this high-tech low-brow convenience.
I fully admit I’ve done it, but only like three times. No, seriously.
A few years back I won a regional Emmy for a news show I produced – so when it came time later for dinner and drinks, I took as many artsy photos as I could with the other awards at our table. Not like I’d have another chance to get 3,4 or 5 Emmys together like that again! So I took advantage – and fast.
At the same time, I’d see co-workers and friends taking celebratory photos together nearby.
About a week later I realized something as I browsed through my photos – I didn’t have any of people, per say, no I had all award shots. All framed differently.
If I had looked through other people’s portfolio, I would have seen the opposite.
And that’s when it hit me, I was so focused on art, I let life slip by me. You know how you look back at photos of you and friends at the lake, or beach that one day…..I don’t have many of those. At all. No, but I sure do have a lot of photos of Emmys in different poses.
And when I’m on my death bed, which photo do you think I’ll regret more?
I think all this contributes to the recent social concept of selfies. I don’t like me in photos, so I don’t take them. But – how many images on average do you see daily of people posing in front of X? It’s gotta be like dozens now. Hell, your Facebook feed is plastered with them. Social sites like,, constantly ooze their cheesiness all day long.
When I go on vacation, most of the time I’m alone, so when I take pictures I don’t want to waste valuable real estate with my giant obnoxious head; I prefer classy, well thought out landscapes, or quick glimpses of real-time movement.
I’m not surprised to hear about this new showing of narcissism. We already know tweens and college-age kids don’t understand or care that there really was a life *before cell phones. Who wants to live in a world without online communication? Gasp!
And some of those selfies, my God?! All I can see is the word ‘Ego’ in giant bold letters. Oddly, the woman they interviewed on the program said a lot of people are not doing it for ego, but because they have low self-esteem. Yeah, don’t believe it. Maybe a small part of the population, but overall – it’s a ‘look at me’ mentality. Which is fine, but after about 10 photos, over it. Stop it.
Just because you can doesn’t mean you need to. Sometimes less is really more.
But I also know, this is everyday life in the 21st century. Everything can be done now via phone.


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