To Win or to Not Win


While I’m blatantly exploiting Shakespeare’s most famous play line, it does bring up a good point writing-wise, at least where the upcoming season finale of The Good Wife is concerned.
If you don’t watch the show – first of all you should it’s amazing, but I’ll give you a quick cliff notes version: ‘the good wife’s’ husband is running for the governor of Illinois – and now it’s finally time for his election.
A definite end.
But now that also brings up its own set of problems.
What happens if he wins? How will that affect his relationship with his wife?
What happens if he loses? Will he go back to being Illinois Attorney General? And will the new governor be addressed? Will she play a longer, more drawn out story line?
That I can remember, most characters who run for election – win, like Woody Boyd for Boston City Council and Leslie Knope for her city council. But there is one major loss that for the life I can’t remember of me who it is right now, but the point is, most go on to this new chapter.
As a writer, both options should be explored and fleshed out before committing to a real decision.
‘Course there is always the recall card, but really? Doesn’t that kind of seem like a cop out? I think so.
I didn’t think about any of this until after my eyes widened at the juiciness next week’s promo set up. And then I started to guess which way it will end.
But maybe for all I know, maybe the writers will draw it out and make it like a cliffhanger, meaning polls would close – and a result would not take place until September, next season. Remember, elections sometimes don’t end in one day anymore!
Whatever happens, it needs to fit the character. Even if it’s not really an outcome we want and wish for, it needs to fit the purpose.
I’ll say it right now – I think he’ll win. Too much time has been spent on this one storyline for it all to disappear.
But I could be wrong too – which makes this show great.


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