Viewers Get in the Swim to Tweet About ‘Sharknado’


What happens when a tornado whips up hundreds of sharks and hurls them at Los Angeles?

Syfy network’s “Sharknado” suggests that such a siege can take a big chomp out of social media.

Aired Thursday night, the disaster thriller was a trending topic on Twitter as it inspired amazed, often jeering messages to reflect viewer amusement at the film’s jaw-dropping premise.

One tweeter expressed satisfaction that here was a natural disaster that finally makes Aquaman useful. Another jokingly questioned the film’s scientific authenticity. Yet another described the sharknado as “an act of cod.”

Celebrities tweeted, too. Horatio Sanz wrote “I wish I could join in on the shenanigans, but I had a cousin that was killed by a Sharknado back in ’93.” The executive producer of “Modern Family” Danny Zuker tweeted that he couldn’t watch the movie because he was on the set of his new film “Tsunam-wolf.” Even Chuck Todd from NBC News got in on the action. He tweeted that he follows “a thousand folks” and “every one of them” was tweeting about Sharknado. One viewer could handle the concept of sharks raining down on people, but couldn’t “buy Tara Reid married with two teenaged kids.”

“Sharknado” was the night’s most social program, generating nearly 5,000 tweets per minute at its peak. The network says it scored 387,000 social media mentions during its premiere. (AP)


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