What You Can Learn From the World Series


I can’t tell you how excited I am that the San Francisco Giants won their third title in the last five years!

This year’s series was amazing from beginning to the very last out. And that was stressful to watch! I actually hid under my pillow for two innings and just listened to the game – when it was still tied.

But once it was over, I realized I actually learned some things:

Be more like MadBum. Unlike rookie pitcher Hunter Strickland who lost his cool during Game 2, veteran Madison Bumgarner is very laid-back. And focused. During the latter part of the series, cameras would show him alone, I’m assuming, focusing on the task at hand. No one talked to him, and why should they? Do you want to be the one who distracts him? He knows what he’s supposed to do – and he mentally prepared for it.

Only after he was handed the MVP award did he say he was “tired.” Before that, he only spoke about his significance in the game during interviews. He said he’d be ready if called to pitch, and that anything can happen during the World Series, and you need to be ready. I fully agree, you only have a few chances to get it right. And that’s it. Win – or lose the championship.

Always be prepared, and on your game, pun fully intended.

It seems that that soft-spoken really won out this year. Aside from an amazing series, MadBum, as he is known, has become an instant media darling. ‘Where did this guy come from?’ seems to be the big question from everyone.

I really can’t tell you if I paid attention to him that much over the past four years. He was hidden behind Tim Lincecum’s spotlight. But maybe sometimes injuries are nature’s little push to get a great leader in place. Colin Kaepernick anyone?

Time rolls on, and someone is always there to take over. When it’s your time, you should be ready. And willing. And respect what happens when decisions are made. Sometimes people above you know what they are doing – and can foresee a positive outcome. Their experience is guiding them about you.

Also, and it’s a cliché, but true – it’s not over until it’s over. So do the best you can until ‘the end.’ Then you can be tired.

(AP Photo)

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