Pondering Life’s Tough Questions

Last night I was rudely awakened by stomach cramps, so to soothe myself I ate some ice cream and started thinking about life.

Why? Because that’s what you do at 3am people!

As I waited for my Advil to kick in, I came up with a list of questions….  


  • When did Cadillacs become cool again?
  • Does red velvet cake come in different colors?
  • Am I smarter than a fifth grader?
  • What would the world be like if Al Gore did win the presidency?
  • What ever happened to Lindsay Lohan’s career?
  • Why do tornadoes hit mobile home parks first?
  • How many Starbucks’ stores can you fit on one corner?
  • Why am I still awake?

I won’t lie; I didn’t feel any more intelligent then when I started. In fact, I gave myself a small migraine and then had to take a Vicodin.

So as I waited for my Vicodin to kick in, I came up……

Kellene’s Never Say Never Bucket List

While thinking about the Bucket List I created a while ago, it occurred to me that there are things I haven’t done (that I presume) many other people have experienced.

So I’m creating a special Bucket List for those events I have so far missed out on and that I would like to do before I die!

      1.      ride in a limo

2.      be a bridesmaid and wear a hideous dress

3.      go to a major league baseball game like the Giants since I’m only a few hours away

4.      visit New Orleans – which I think now is really important before it totally collapses under possible economic and development strain

5.      cut down a real live Christmas tree with friends

6.      go skiing  

7.      I guess having a baby and a wedding would qualify for this list even though I don’t want to do either at least for another few years

8.      have a surprise birthday party

9.      serve jury duty – in fairness, as I write this I have been called to do it, so we’ll see – something new to learn, expand my brain you know

10. drive cross country – in a car or RV with a bunch of friends

11. see the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore  


Disclaimer: Many of these events may be my doing, but I think they’re important to do in the scheme of life. You only have one, so live it!

And to be fair I should also list some things I have done:  

1.      traveled to the Caribbean by myself on a one week cruise

2.      met Michael Hutchence before he died

3.      seen the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, Buckingham Palace, Statue of Liberty, the White House, Washington Monument, Liberty Bell and white beaches at Barbados

4.      got two bachelor’s degrees: Journalism and Theatre

5.      got two regional Emmy nominations – no joke!

6.      met Bill Clinton and Al Gore when they visited Lake Tahoe in July ’97. I asked Clinton about his cat and if Socks had to be on a leash. He said yes for the front lawn, but he was not allowed on the second floor where the Lincoln bedroom was.

7.      watched a taping of the Late Show and Late Night live

8.      seen The Who, Pavarotti (in Reno!), Madonna, the Rolling Stones all live. My first concert was Run-DMC with the Beastie Boys as opening act  

9.      appeared as an extra in two movies – Kingpin and Father’s Day. You can see me in the background in Father’s Day. I’m a casino worker helping slot machine goers.


I kept the last lines blank to show there’s so much more stuff to do and experience in my lifetime.

Coming Full Circle as Fashion Ambassador?

I must admit I was taken aback when I first glanced at pictures of the French President and his new wife visiting London this week.  

I kept thinking, ‘I remember when Carla Bruni was a model!’ Not some later version of Gracy Kelly or as some newspapers in England are now (gasp!) claiming the new Princess Diana.  

She first appeared right at the end of the big early 90’s supermodel phase. After Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista (my favorite still to this day), Naomi Campbell (whom I shared a plane with one time), Cindy Crawford (the model at the time), Niki Taylor, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss – then a new addition to several designers’ shows.  

No, I remember Carla Bruni was part of the second coming of models – the Sharlom Harlows, Amber Valettas, Carolyn Murphys and Karen Mullers.

 carla-in-white.jpg carla-bruni-in-pink.jpg carla-daily-telegraph.jpg carla-reuters.jpg carla-reuters-queen.jpg 

Hey I know my fashion and my pop culture.  

She did some runway shows, and some magazines and mainly stayed with designers like Lacroix and Galliano, so she never really broke out ‘big time’ in America unlike her predecessors who eventually ventured out more into business.  

She was shy and quiet on the public side during interviews, yet her love life was red hot with highly notable men including Donald Trump and Mick Jagger.  

And then she decided to leave her cash cow for music dwindling into oblivion. I remember thinking then it was a big mistake. But hey, if Naomi Campbell can sing with Vanilla Ice, why not?  

And then last month she suddenly reappeared when she married Nicolas Sarkozy  

I guess in some ways it makes sense to have an ex-model be France’s top woman. Who better to have as a fashion ambassador?  

It also shows anything can happen – Al Gore ring a bell?


Photos courtesy of Reuters

Super Tuesday (My Ass)

boston-globe-paper-cover.jpglatimes-super-tuesday.jpgwpost-super-tuesday.jpg Photos courtesy of Newseum

What a long night friends! Not only do I not like caucus/primary/election marathons, I don’t even live in one of the states that participated last night.  

I understand it’s important to my future as to who the next president will be, but my Lord! 

Earlier in the day California had problems with their machines. Really? Did they not see Super Tuesday on their campaign calendars?  

I will say though I stayed busy updating our station’s website. Was like a prediction a minute during several periods of the night! I stayed until Alaska was called and then left.  

As I write this, Clinton and Obama are still locked in a tight race in the New Mexico Caucuses.  

Last night, “I just don’t want any lawsuits from this.” Seems almost like second nature for that to happen now. Which is kind of sad.  

But it obviously worked out well for Oscar/Emmy/Nobel Prize winning Al Gore. 

I just remember working the morning show after the 2000 presidential election and we’d have special reports nearly everyday. Took the longest time to realize that courts open at 9am on the east coast, which meant 6am Pacific time (or Reno.)  

I think the only Super thing about Super Tuesday yesterday was when my head hit my pillow.

Lucky Number 14

“I can’t tell how happy I was when it hit 30 degrees today,” said the girl volunteer helping herd crowds onto city buses.

I couldn’t agree more. I actually took off my gloves it was so warm today.

Hours earlier I got dealt a huge blow to my generally happy disposition; I found out that U2 attended their movie’s world premiere at the Eccles Theater (a high school.) I knew that would happen; I tried to get tickets for it, but I think my original lottery position didn’t help me. So I grumbled and bitched about it, but then moved on.

When we returned to our room hours later I went online to USA Today and found these few paragraphs:

Among the famous faces in the audience were former Vice President Al Gore, who had his own Sundance debut two years ago with An Inconvenient Truth; he was joined by Truth’s Oscar-winning director, Davis Guggenheim, and his wife, actress Elisabeth Shue. Others at the U2 3D screening included Sundance founder Robert Redford, Juno director Jason Reitman, actors Ben Kingsley, Anthony Michael Hall, Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid.

To introduce the movie (which opens in select theaters nationally Wednesday), Bono took off his signature sunglasses and posed with his bandmates wearing the clear 3-D glasses needed to watch the film.

Afterward, the band returned to the stage for a Q&A session with directors Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington. Most of the first “questions” were of the “I love you, U2!” variety, and Bono shouted back, “Don’t get all deep on us now!”

I nearly died! Oh my God!

To make it worse when I told my mother she said, ‘oh fuck.’ She’s always had a massive crush on Robert Redford.

I guess this will suffice for now then!  🙂

Our mission today was to find Perez Hilton. For the past two days he’s been blogging at the Kenneth Cole Lounge/ Stereo NYC Venue at 738 Main Street. Cool. When we finally got to the correct address, there was no such named lounge, just the Alpine Internet Cafe which has since been turned into another temporary media lounge. I asked the girl at the front door where it is, ‘I don’t know.’ Thanks for the help.

When I got home I read he moved to the myspace lounge, where just a few feet away we stood oblivious waiting for the bus. We got off at Albertson’s to go to Quiznos so she could try some Sammies.

Afterwards, we waited and waited for our correct bus. Finally, I started counting – 13 went by before ours finally came. And when it finally did, it didn’t take us all the way to Kimball Junction. Had to hike awhile to get back to our hotel.

I did see Paul Giamatti today. Was walking up Main Street as we turned the corner to go up too. Was with a woman and a man. I followed right behind him for about two blocks until they crossed the street. Really didn’t talk much. Four photographers saw him coming and when he got close enough, they asked politely, ‘paul, can we get a quick photo of you?’ He stopped walking, three shot pictures and he walked on.

Stanley Tucci wore a white and orange striped jacket. As we crossed the street to go to the Kimball Arts Center, he passed the other way with three people. Didn’t get a great photo of him, but I did get one.

We also did some shopping. Got two cookbooks, a scarf and hat for mom and another set of lecture tickets. Alan Alda will be one of the panelists.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention – there is also another type of person at Sundance. The people who ‘make movies’ along Main Street. There’s the filmmakers who make movies to get into Sundance, and those who make movies at Sundance thinking it might give them an advantage to next year’s competition. Uh-huh. Have many movies have you ever seen filmed at Sundance?

And just because you see a camera doesn’t mean someone famous is nearby. There’s tourists taking pictures of the town and scenery, those capturing friends and family, paparazzi, news/media/press and those ‘filmmakers.’ There weren’t that many blackcoats out today, but there seemed to be more private events happening.

It’s about 5pm right now so we still have a lot of the day left to enjoy. Just thought I’d share how it’s been so far.

Kellene’s Observations for 2007

With 2008 every so slightly creeping up on me, I feel the need (along with everyone else) to review the past year in excruciating detail – or at least in the form of some kind of list.  

For more professional lists or critical thoughts turn to Time magazine or Newsweek. There will be no seriousness with my observations.  

Most shocking moment: the NASA Lisa Nowak love triangle. Remember when she was normal? I don’t care either; her life is much juicier after she drove 800 miles to try to attack and kidnap a woman considered a romantic rival. 

My most stylish moment is not a moment per say, it is more like a continuum. Tim Gunn. Have you seen this man? He is impeccable in every aspect of his life and now his quiet life has been outed by Bravo’s hugely successful Project Runway. He is no doubt someone to look up to in both politeness and fashion-wise. 

2007’s Best Show: House. Period. From May’s cliffhanger of Dr. House’s three assistants leaving him (one quitting, one resigning and one being fired) to now House choosing three new replacements, the show has continued to stay fresh among tough competition from like 27 cases of money to show contestants losing weight on Survivor China. Oddly the current writer’s strike has wet my palette for more.  

My guilty pleasure: every damn show produced this year on VH1. I grew up on MTV and viewed VH1 as an older out-of-dated version of the cutting edge channel. But now, that has come full circle with The Pickup Artist, Best Week Ever to Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and America’s Most Smartest Model. Yes, they are not highly intellectual, but they are great voyeurism television.  

Word of the year: Recall. Need I say more? Toys, dog food, beef, cars, lead….it goes on and on….. 

Website of the year: perezhilton.com. I am guilty of going to this site a lot. But that’s not the reason why I’m choosing this item. How many times have you heard about this? This guy was everywhere you looked.  

It Guy: Barack Obama, Bret Michaels and a relatively unknown guy named Al Gore. Heard he won some awards this year or something…. 

It Girl: Britney to Paris to LiLo to Katherine to Jamie. Not bad for a full Spears circle.  

Concert of the year: Um, of course it’s Led Zeppelin. Are you crazy? And no, I didn’t go. A close second for me would have to be Genesis. Waited since 1986 to see them. And I finally did during a heinous downpour at the outside Hollywood Bowl. I nearly cried when I saw Chester Thompson. The Who would also be up there for me. God, how old do I sound? Still don’t know why they chose Reno as their starting point for their latest world tour, but sure…why not?  

Movie of the year: American Gangster. I was in Chinese Grauman’s Theater watching Ocean’s 13 when I first saw this trailer. Oh my god, it took my breath away. Or maybe it was the shear size of the movie screen. Either way it screams Oscar in oh so many ways.

Food of the year: Recently I ate a short braised rib in Chianti with garlic mashed potatoes and pan fried veggies at Mimi’s Café. It was single handily the best meal I’ve ever eaten. And no, you can’t get it anymore; apparently it was a seasonal thing.   

Music: I’m going to have to go with everyone else on this one – Amy Winehouse. I know BriWi mentioned it a long time ago in his blog, but the last couple of months her tunes have just become catchier and catchier every time you listen. It’s like ear candy.  

And my big breakthrough moment: the recent migraine that made me bed ridden for four straight days. On a positive note though, it’s made me healthier and more conscious of what I put into my body. I think the culprit is chocolate. And I love chocolate. The smell, how it melts in my mouth…..well no more! I don’t ever want to go through that pain again.  

As a result, I’m drinking water – yes! – more water, looking at yoga as exercise and eating healthier. I noticed one day while my boyfriend was eating his bacon, sausage, eggs with cheese and crispy hash browns, I could not help but notice how greasy his entire selection was. It shocked me; I was (and admittedly somewhat still am) like that.  

As an employee at a news station, goodies come in from all sorts of places for the holidays. Most of it being chocolate. I didn’t indulge this year. I learned just because it’s there doesn’t mean I need to it.  

I also want to thank everyone who has been reading my words. I hope to bring you more interesting thoughts and a way better looking blog next year. I’m still learning this whole thing, but I already feel like I’m behind. Some of these other blogs blow my non-consistent font sized thoughts out of the water!  

I also invite you to leave comments. Tells me what you are thinking and how I’m doing.