Counting to 10 is Complicated for Oscar’s Best Picture

PricewaterhouseCoopers partners Rick Rosas, right, and Brad ... AP

The final Oscar ballots are officially in the mail.

Accountants from PricewaterhouseCoopers counted out about 5,800 ballots Tuesday at the film academy’s headquarters in Beverly Hills and handed them over to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery.

There are 24 categories on the ballot.

Completed ballots are due back March 2, which gives the accounting firm less than five days to tabulate the results and determine the winners.

In every category but best picture, the winner will be the nominee with the most votes. The best picture winner will be determined by the same preferential voting system that determines Oscar nominees.

The Academy Awards will be presented March 7 at the Kodak Theatre and broadcast live on ABC.  

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A final Oscar ballot for 82nd Academy Awards is seen at the ... AP

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Oscar Ballots are in the Mail

Most of the holiday cards have been received. So, there’s room again in mailboxes.

Now, it’s time for Oscar ballots to arrive. But, those are going to a small, select group.

The ballots were mailed yesterday from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to its members: 5,777.

This is the first round of voting. And, each of the academy’s 15 branches is responsible for nominating those in their field. So actors nominate actors. Sound engineers nominate sound engineers and so on.

Nominations are based on the year’s eligible films. There are 274 in 2009.

And, the entire voting membership submits their picks for best picture.

Completed ballots must arrive at office of the academy’s accountants on January 23, 2010. Nominations will be announced February 2 and the Academy Awards will be presented March 7.

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And the Ballots go to … 5,810 Oscar Voters

The ballots are in the mail for the 5,810 members of Hollywood’s elite who get to vote on the Academy Awards.

Wednesday’s final ballots include nominees in 19 categories, among them best picture, director and the four acting prizes.

Ballots in five other categories — feature-length and short documentaries, foreign-language film, animated shorts and live-action shorts — are available only after academy members verify that they attended screenings of the nominees.

The deadline is Feb. 17 for Oscar voters to return ballots to the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. The big show itself comes five days later.


Ode to Election Day

Only long one week left in the election to go,

When one presidential candidate will hopefully learn yes – the other no.

These few days will give us an intimate look into America’s democracy,

From early voting to differing news polls to last minute campaigning in Mississippi.

Nevada is once again considered a ‘battleground state,’

I just hope and pray we don’t screw the country a la Florida ballot-gate.

Who says Election Day has to be boring?

Not the poll workers who have to deal with the thousands of voters roaring.

Don’t think twice about it. It will be a long day for all Democrats and Republicans alike,

The only ones who come out ahead are the ones who can tell their opponents ‘psyche!’