Good Luck or Black Magic?

He’s seriously no bigger than ten pounds. And yet somehow, my noisy black cat is beating like 90% of the other bettors in my NCAA Tournament pool.

How is that possible!? The little twitball just discovered his tail and yet somehow he’s smart enough to predict a national college basketball winner?

Fleatbait (I didn’t name him) only cried for UCONN when my boyfriend and I bombarded him with college names. Poor thing just slid his eyes side-to-side quickly like a tennis match spectator.

Does he know something we don’t?

Flea is beating both me and his father. And President Obama’s bracket!


If he does well I should use him for lotteries!


Did I Miss Something?

In the few years I have owned black cats I never knew them to be categorized as ‘mini-panthers!’

Yes, that is how the Nevada Humane Society is marketing them for adoption. Don’t get me wrong, I’d sooooo get one, but mini-panthers!? Wow, who knew I had a small nearly wild animal in my apartment!

Or is mini-panther the new politically correct term?

“Black cats are full of personality, charming, expressive, and lively,” explained Elizabeth Stanton, of Nevada Humane Society. As the proud owner of two “Mini Panthers”, Elizabeth speaks from experience. “I’ve had my two black cats for eight years now, each is unique and they are simply wonderful.”

There are great reasons to adopt a “Mini Panther”: 

  1. They rarely shed, and when they do, their fur will blend in with your dark clothing.
  2. They look good with any accent color in your home.
  3. They are the most elegant color.
  4. They will love you without measure.