David Letterman Replaces Neil Young at Rock Hall Show

David Letterman will replace an ailing Neil Young as the person inducting Pearl Jam into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Friday.

According to a statement from the hall, Young “is regrettably no longer able to induct Pearl Jam” due to illness and is “thrilled” that former TV talk-show host Letterman will substitute. Pearl Jam made its “Late Show with David Letterman” debut in 1996 with a version of “Hail, Hail.”

In addition to Pearl Jam, the new rock class incudes the late rapper Tupac Shakur, ELO, Journey, Nile Rodgers, Joan Baez and Yes. The ceremony will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland. (AP)


Tupac Shakur, Pearl Jam, Yes to be Inducted Into Rock Hall

The late rapper Tupac Shakur and Seattle-based rockers Pearl Jam lead a class of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees that also include folkie Joan Baez and 1970s favorites Journey, Yes and Electric Light Orchestra.

The rock hall also said Tuesday it would give a special award to Nile Rodgers, whose disco-era band Chic failed again to make the cut after its 11th time nominated.

The hall’s 32nd annual induction ceremony takes place on April 7 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. HBO will show highlights at a later date, with SiriusXM doing a radio broadcast.

Shakur, Baez, Pearl Jam and ELO were all elected in their first year as nominees. (AP)

What Goes Around….

When did Journey become the current ‘it’ band? Their yesteryear songs appeared on The Sopranos finale and now are featured on a new Sprint cell phone ad.

It’s almost like they never left! And the funny thing, how many kids do you think think they’re new?

For them, the upside is, kids now know who they are and they’re making bank while doing nothing. Just like Dire Straits – money for nothin’ and the chicks for free!

Another thing I’ve noticed since MTV started rerunning Beavis and Butthead old alternative songs are getting a second chance at life. Yet every time I seem to watch it they show videos I’d never seen.  

What Would Michael (Hutchence) Think?

I can’t go a day now without seeing Toyota’s newest commercial featuring INXS’ ‘What You Need.’

While it’s nice to hear the (mega chopped up version of the) song, who approved using it?

I didn’t think when I fell in love with the song 22 years ago that I would later hear it hock Toyotas sedans and trucks.

Yet on the bright side, I guess it introduces the youtube generation to another type of music. If Journey and (Poison’s) Bret Michaels can become ‘overnight’ sensations in their eyes, then INXS can sell foreign cars.

Minding the (Generation) Gap

More and more I’m noticing subtle signs of age.

Not wrinkles or hot flashes, but pop culture references.

Let me explain. The other night I went out with some old college friends to a bar in downtown Reno. By chance it was cluttered with fresh University of Nevada graduates, many wearing their gowns and caps or tassels.


But then I started to analyze my surroundings. If they graduated in 2008 and probably were there for five years then that means they graduated high school in 2003.

I graduated high school nine years earlier when like right after the L.A. riots broke out. Oh and Kurt Cobain killed himself one month before I got my diploma.

These kids have the Iraq War, a crappy president and economy and Angelia Jolie’s twins for a reference.  

When my fellow Emmy winners went to Bar None in San Francisco two weeks ago the stereo blasted Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin.’ Everyone inside started singing – it was like a scene out of X-Files – freaked me out!

I actually remember the song BEFORE The Sopranos reintroduced to American society! Ugh! And it still wasn’t that great BACK THEN.

At least on the bright side, I don’t look my age. (Thank you mom and dad.)

But my God, maybe next time I should drink more so I won’t notice!