Film Academy Invites 774 New Members

The film academy is inviting 774 new members to join its ranks, including actors Leslie Jones, Dwayne Johnson, Riz Ahmed, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed its latest invitees on Wednesday.

The organization reports the new class of potential members is 39 percent female and 30 percent non-white. The film academy has been diversifying its ranks after two years of #OscarsSoWhite and criticism of its overwhelmingly white and male voting body.

Other invitees include directors Barry Jenkins, who was nominated for his film “Moonlight,” and composers Lin-Manuel Miranda and Justin Timberlake. “Hidden Figures” director Theodore Melfi and documentarian Ezra Edelman, who won an Oscar for “O.J.: Made in America,” also received invitations.  (AP)


Best Celebrity Stories Ever Told

Last weekend E! aired a special on ‘Best Celebrity Stories Ever Told.’

Here is the list:

10. OJ Simpson

9. Angelina Jolie

8. Chris Farley

7. Michael J. Fox

6. Mackenzie Phillips

5. Kardashian family

4. JFK, Jr.

3. Britney Spears

2. Anna Nicole Smith

1. Brady Bunch

While this is an interesting list, there seems to be some very big notables missing – like Michael Jackson – child star, shunned and made fun of adult, and then killed by his own doctor (allegedly). Come on!

Or how about Norma Jean Baker, Judy Garland, Robert Blake, Lucille Ball, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Walt Disney or Robert Redford?

Each of these people has made enormous impacts on the entertainment industry in their own right.

Some people that made the top 10 are important; I’m not doubting that, it’s just some people are a little more deserving in my opinion.

And I firmly believe that if this list was aired in another decade, the Kardashians would not be on it. In case you didn’t know, Ryan Seacrest Productions produces ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ and where does he work? Seems more like a conflict of interest to me.

My other big gripe? The Brady Bunch! #1?! I don’t know who should be #1, but it shouldn’t be them! Maybe #4 or #5…..

I don’t know what the criteria was, but it just seems a little ‘off’ to me.

What do you think?

Thank God for Global Warming

I said if I was a pioneer travelling across the country, I would have killed myself. I can’t imagine riding in a covered wagon through the extreme dark and cold hoping for a better life. I mean there’s nothing out there in the middle of Nevada – except OJ in the Lovelock prison – I totally forgot how desolute it gets. And then when it gets dark in frigid temperatures, my God.

The things you think about during very long road trips…..

Anyway after ten long hours, mom and I finally arrived in Park City, Utah for the annual Sundance Film Festival. The economy looks like it’s already taking a toll on businesses here; our hotel has lots of empty parking spots.

And then there’s the double whammy of low snow levels. I can actually see the ground in many parks of town. I was shocked; I have never seen this place WITHOUT SNOW. I’m assuming there’s lots of grass here in the spring and summer, but I have never seen it. The tops of plants are actually sticking out of many places.

In some ways it’s kind of nice. I won’t slip on massive patches of ice and our SUV won’t slide downhill.

As for the festival, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of people here yet. Mariah Carey’s husband is supposed to hold a party on Main Street tonight, but there really isn’t anyone else here. A FOX news crew interviewed Spike Lee in a fuzzy white NY Yankees hat. Jim Carrey, Susan Sarandon, Kevin Spacey and Chris Rock are rumored to come here.

Last year, Mom and I attended a world premiere movie with William H. Macy and Quentin Tarantino (he walked upstairs right behind Mom and I was taken aback when I turned around to check on her.) A few years I bumped literally into Guy Pearce while passing him next to Zoom. He had blond hair at the time. So we’ll see what happens this year.

We watched Bush’s farewell speech on TV; I decided it’s history so we might as well. Besides that, all I did was take a nap, and eat lunch and dinner. Sorry to disappoint you, but I still have eight days to go.

(A Mostly Economic) 12 Days of Christmas


In last year’s poem I matched syllables to the classic song so if you wanted to you could sing along, but this year, not so much, didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.


Nonetheless here is the new 2009 version:


On the 12th day of Christmas I got:


Twelve guilty counts for OJ Simpson

Eleven Rock Band video game sellouts

Ten cancelled Christmas office parties

Nine unemployed Santas

Eight Britney comeback appearances

Seven eggnog induced blackouts

Six malls foreclosing

Five gold ring hocks

Four election CNN holograms

Three automaker bailouts

Two collapsed banks




One new president-elect!


Not really song worthy, more on the reality side huh?  

Starting Life Over on Day 2

Have you heard? Life begins again tonight!

First, no more Christmas commercials while David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel all return to late night television.

And although many episodic shows remain in limbo, viewers can now look forward to all-new reality shows like American Idol and Project Runway.

Oddly the current writer’s strike has taught me how to live without television entertainment. Many a night I focused on other pressing activities: reading the day’s New York Times, writing, playing with my cats, finding out I have cats….

My life felt somewhat fuller. I could chase more intellectual pursuits without worry of missing my favorite shows.

(I should mention I fully support the Writer’s Guild and what they are protesting. I’m sure the lack of paychecks hit them hard during the recent holidays.)

But for me, one little person in Reno, I am thankful for the temporary coincidental reprieve. I never fully realized how much I based my nighttime activities on a TV schedule. I foolishly assumed only Charlie Sheen, Kelsey Grammar and Hugh Laurie could fill my nights.

Society also moved forward as normal. Yes, America missed out on great Jamie Lynn Spears jokes by Leno, O’Brien and Letterman, but tonight is a new day and a new chance for another star to get arrested on DUI charges.

Plus, OJ Simpson’s robbery trial is just around the corner.

Late night viewing stopped November 5th. During that time many people made 2-3 mortgage/rent payments, the national debt went up $81.2 billion (or about $1.4 billion per day) and gas prices nationwide basically stayed the same.

And for those into sports, 85+ players were outed in the Mitchell Steroids Report.

The 1988 writer’s strike lasted 22 weeks. I don’t remember much of it; I was 13. I do remember a raw David Letterman struggling on his ‘Late Night’ show. Yes, there were some real painful nights, but you knew it was all him, one man and 60 minutes to fill.

Looking back, maybe that’s why he created Worldwide Pants – for times like these.

NBC still owns the ‘Tonight Show’ and ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ so they’ll both return tonight with no writers. Yet Letterman and Craig Ferguson’s ‘Late Late Show’ will have full staffs.


You see Worldwide Pants also owns the Late Late Show. Smart.