It’s a Small World After All


It’s smaller than an acorn and has an even cuter name.

It’s Tata!

The world’s newest (and cheapest) car went on sale this week in India.

As someone who adores cars, I must say it reminds me of Mercedes’ Smart Car. Although Tata has miraculously somehow crammed four doors onto its small frame.

Besides the obvious ‘aww’ cutesy appeal, it doesn’t scream ‘I’m safe!’ ($2,000 can only buy you so much.)

Maybe it will set off a new worldwide small car craze. Who knows. I’m just sayin’ we might be looking at a trend of real matchbox toy cars coming to life.

But no matter what, it’s still fun to say!

Tata for now my lovelies!

Graphic shows the $2,500 car unveiled by India’s Tata Motors ...