Good Luck or Black Magic?

He’s seriously no bigger than ten pounds. And yet somehow, my noisy black cat is beating like 90% of the other bettors in my NCAA Tournament pool.

How is that possible!? The little twitball just discovered his tail and yet somehow he’s smart enough to predict a national college basketball winner?

Fleatbait (I didn’t name him) only cried for UCONN when my boyfriend and I bombarded him with college names. Poor thing just slid his eyes side-to-side quickly like a tennis match spectator.

Does he know something we don’t?

Flea is beating both me and his father. And President Obama’s bracket!


If he does well I should use him for lotteries!


The Best $5 I Ever Spent!


Should it really be this hard to make my NCAA Tournament bracket? I know I should be enormous thought into buying a car or deciding a husband, but a bracket? It’s draining to do two of them.

Yes, I do multiple brackets. Multiple brackets could ultimately make me sound smart or desperate for money. I prefer to take the higher road!

Last year, my boyfriend and I did our own brackets then chose an experimental method for a third – flipping a coin and putting my cat Sushi’s name on it.

At one point I’m proud to say he was beating three-quarters of the work crowd who participated.

Sushi, by his own admission, kept licking his paw when I excitably told him ‘it could finally be my year to win!’

Slurp. Twit ball.

This year, I decided to change my strategy. I ignored all previous intuition and went with my first impression…I’ll miss my $5. That’s a whole gallon of gas these days.   

Several studies have shown that millions of dollars are lost every year on workers spending time filling out brackets and watching games on TV’s and computers.

But, at the same time I think it brings all of us together. I mean, now you know Julie in accounting does your paychecks and she likes cherry pie and you two can now gossip about the geeky copier guy at the water cooler.

And what about Bob in IT? Since you gave him his favorite cookies, he hooked up your computer this year for you to watch the games (on mute of course.)  

And it’s all because of some yearly stressful tournament bracket! It brings both sexes, all races, and colors together all in the name of, well if you’re lucky maybe $150-$200!

So who did I chose to go all the way? I won’t lie – many can attest that I chose UCLA. And I’m proud to.

I take online classes from their Extension program. Have one more to go before I get my screenwriting certificate.

I will admit though I did glance at other people’s advice as to who to pick for potential winners.

But you know what?

No matter how teams are ranked, it comes down to the day they play. And how excited the players are or aren’t and how the opposing team is.

That bracket decision is made that day – not by me or by the millions of others with highlighters ready in hand to mark their win.

No, not even a black cat named Sushi can work his ‘magic’ to make ??? to win.

So just remember even though Julie may look like she knows who’s going to win, don’t be enticed and be swayed to change your choices. She knows as much as Bob and Joe the mail carrier as to who will win.

You never know. If we can send man to the moon….. then Austin Peay can go all the way.

At least that’s what Sushi scratched out with his claws last night on his bracket!