Kellene’s Observations for 2007

With 2008 every so slightly creeping up on me, I feel the need (along with everyone else) to review the past year in excruciating detail – or at least in the form of some kind of list.  

For more professional lists or critical thoughts turn to Time magazine or Newsweek. There will be no seriousness with my observations.  

Most shocking moment: the NASA Lisa Nowak love triangle. Remember when she was normal? I don’t care either; her life is much juicier after she drove 800 miles to try to attack and kidnap a woman considered a romantic rival. 

My most stylish moment is not a moment per say, it is more like a continuum. Tim Gunn. Have you seen this man? He is impeccable in every aspect of his life and now his quiet life has been outed by Bravo’s hugely successful Project Runway. He is no doubt someone to look up to in both politeness and fashion-wise. 

2007’s Best Show: House. Period. From May’s cliffhanger of Dr. House’s three assistants leaving him (one quitting, one resigning and one being fired) to now House choosing three new replacements, the show has continued to stay fresh among tough competition from like 27 cases of money to show contestants losing weight on Survivor China. Oddly the current writer’s strike has wet my palette for more.  

My guilty pleasure: every damn show produced this year on VH1. I grew up on MTV and viewed VH1 as an older out-of-dated version of the cutting edge channel. But now, that has come full circle with The Pickup Artist, Best Week Ever to Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and America’s Most Smartest Model. Yes, they are not highly intellectual, but they are great voyeurism television.  

Word of the year: Recall. Need I say more? Toys, dog food, beef, cars, lead….it goes on and on….. 

Website of the year: I am guilty of going to this site a lot. But that’s not the reason why I’m choosing this item. How many times have you heard about this? This guy was everywhere you looked.  

It Guy: Barack Obama, Bret Michaels and a relatively unknown guy named Al Gore. Heard he won some awards this year or something…. 

It Girl: Britney to Paris to LiLo to Katherine to Jamie. Not bad for a full Spears circle.  

Concert of the year: Um, of course it’s Led Zeppelin. Are you crazy? And no, I didn’t go. A close second for me would have to be Genesis. Waited since 1986 to see them. And I finally did during a heinous downpour at the outside Hollywood Bowl. I nearly cried when I saw Chester Thompson. The Who would also be up there for me. God, how old do I sound? Still don’t know why they chose Reno as their starting point for their latest world tour, but sure…why not?  

Movie of the year: American Gangster. I was in Chinese Grauman’s Theater watching Ocean’s 13 when I first saw this trailer. Oh my god, it took my breath away. Or maybe it was the shear size of the movie screen. Either way it screams Oscar in oh so many ways.

Food of the year: Recently I ate a short braised rib in Chianti with garlic mashed potatoes and pan fried veggies at Mimi’s Café. It was single handily the best meal I’ve ever eaten. And no, you can’t get it anymore; apparently it was a seasonal thing.   

Music: I’m going to have to go with everyone else on this one – Amy Winehouse. I know BriWi mentioned it a long time ago in his blog, but the last couple of months her tunes have just become catchier and catchier every time you listen. It’s like ear candy.  

And my big breakthrough moment: the recent migraine that made me bed ridden for four straight days. On a positive note though, it’s made me healthier and more conscious of what I put into my body. I think the culprit is chocolate. And I love chocolate. The smell, how it melts in my mouth…..well no more! I don’t ever want to go through that pain again.  

As a result, I’m drinking water – yes! – more water, looking at yoga as exercise and eating healthier. I noticed one day while my boyfriend was eating his bacon, sausage, eggs with cheese and crispy hash browns, I could not help but notice how greasy his entire selection was. It shocked me; I was (and admittedly somewhat still am) like that.  

As an employee at a news station, goodies come in from all sorts of places for the holidays. Most of it being chocolate. I didn’t indulge this year. I learned just because it’s there doesn’t mean I need to it.  

I also want to thank everyone who has been reading my words. I hope to bring you more interesting thoughts and a way better looking blog next year. I’m still learning this whole thing, but I already feel like I’m behind. Some of these other blogs blow my non-consistent font sized thoughts out of the water!  

I also invite you to leave comments. Tells me what you are thinking and how I’m doing.